Let's Talk Anxiety

Hey B*tches,

Honestly I never thought I would write this post because it’s so out of my comfort zone and I have always made sure my blog, social media, Youtube, is a place where you can go to laugh or get some kind of positivity. But I also always promise that I will be honest with you guys and share every different aspect of my life, which means its not always happy, peppy, me. I never want you guys or anyone who reads my blog or follows me on some type of social media to think that I have it together 24/7, because that is SO far from the truth. Ya girl struggles just like anyone and I have definitely had my struggles with anxiety which I want to share with you guys.


The first time I can ever really remember feeling anxious more than normal was when I was 8 and my mom found out she had breast cancer. I remember when she told me and my brother, I just thought it automatically meant she was going to die. Obviously that wasn’t the case lol because she caught it early enough and was able to kick its a$$! That being said it was honestly a really difficult time, seeing your mom SO sick at a young age is definitely somewhat traumatic and I grew up a lot that year. From then on I remember always being scared that my mom was going to get sick again and for the first few years after she was in remission anytime she wouldn’t feel great I was so scared she was getting sick again. Every time she went for check ups I had SERIOUS anxiety for her because I was just really worried something was going be found. That has worn off a little as the years have gone on but honestly I’d be lying if I said I don’t still get a little anxious when she has weird aches and pains or when she goes in for her yearly check ups. I don’t think I will ever fully get over that nagging anxiety for her. It has also led to me having serious anxiety that I am going to get cancer, I think seeing her so sick scared me for her but also made me not want to ever have to experience something like that myself. It definitely doesn’t help that I have the breast cancer gene because it makes me more predisposed to developing breast, ovarian, and other cancers. There have been quite a few anxiety attacks over this but I am lucky to have great support and my mom to always talk me down. My doctors are also AMAZING and are checking me so vigilantly that even if I did ever develop it, it would be caught so early.


That anxiety was honestly nothing compared to the anxiety I had and have had since my best friend and grandpa died 3 years ago. That was seriously the hardest and most painful year of my entire life, there aren’t even enough words to describe how broken I was that year. My best friend died suddenly in a car crash 2 or 3 days before my grandpa passed away so they basically over lapped and I couldn’t even go to my best friends funeral because my grandpa died the day before. I remember when we went to the funeral home to make arrangements for him they still had things from my friends funeral there. Losing them both definitely hurt in different ways. My friends death really made realize how short life is and that you can literally be here making lunch plans one day and gone the next. It gave me a different type of anxiety, like just this fear that I could die as easily and it scared me. My grandpa’s hurt like losing a parent honestly. He was one of the MOST important people in my life, in fact I literally remember him from the time I can remember anything. I had such a close relationship with him that it was basically like he raised me along withy parents. I spent so much time with him( it wasn’t enough ) that when he was gone it was like this huge part of my life was missing. I’m not really sure why I got so much anxiety from him dying but it was SO bad after. I guess I had never really experienced anyone I loved and was close to dying before that, so it just made it real that eventually I was going to lose the people I love and before it happens you never really think it will. I didn’t sleep for months and would literally have anxiety/panic attacks weekly if not daily. This went on for almost a year and a half after they had both died really intensely. Slowly it has eased up but I definitely have more anxiety now that I just deal with on the daily. I also get more panic/anxiety attacks closer to the holidays because that was a special time with my grandpa and I start having less restful sleeps. It does ease up after they pass though. I don’t think I will ever be completely okay no matter how much time passes but I am learning how to be more okay and how to deal with it better.


I am really thankful to have such amazing friends and parents that have helped me through these hard times and are always there to calm me down during a bad panic or anxiety attack or listen to me cry when I miss my grandpa or friend. I don’t think I would have been able to cope or deal with it the small amount I was able to without them lol. I hope that by sharing this it maybe helps ONE of you guys feel less alone or at least like someone else understands because trust me I’ve been there. Anxiety is the worst.

As always if you guys have any comments or just want to talk my DMs and comments are yours!

I will talk to you in my next post,


24 Hours In Prague

Hey, Hey B*tches!

As many of you know I have been overseas traveling for the last few months and even though I haven’t been posting live from my travels that doesn’t mean I haven’t been making bomb content for you guys! I’m 1000% going to be sharing tons of fun stuff from this trip through out the upcoming weeks, with some other content sprinkled in.

Okay NOW on to the post!! I wasn’t in Prague very long this trip but I have been before so I am kind of an expert, JK! Not at all but since I have been before and now recently, I feel semi qualified to share what spots I think you should hit up if you only have 24 hours in Prague.

Old Town Square

Astronomical Clock

Astronomical Clock

Starbucks by the Square

Starbucks by the Square

Basic Starbucks Pic ;)

Basic Starbucks Pic ;)

Old Town Square is basically the original city’s marketplace from the 12th century. Now visitors go there to see the gorgeous architecture, Old Town Hall, and the Prague Astronomical Clock(pictured above). You can also grab coffee or a bite to eat on all the restaurant patios surrounding the square. It is a definite MUST see for any visitor. I also recently discovered the CUTEST Starbucks right outside the square, I attached some pictures above, so for any of my fellow Starbs lovers I would for sure check it out ;)

Charles Bridge


The Charles Bridge connects Old Town and Lesser Town and is just a gorgeous sight. The view is unmatched and there are so many local vendors selling souvenirs lining the bridge. The bridge itself dates back to 1357, so I know any fellow history nuts will definitely appreciate it!

Prague Castle

This is one of my favourite things to see literally E V E R Y time I am in Prague, it never gets old. Prague Castle actually holds the world record for largest castle complex in the world and trust me, coming from someone who has walked it multiple times it’s HUGE! One of the best things is that its free to get in so you can see it even on a budget!

St. Vitus Cathedral

St. Vitas is located within Prague Castle grounds so if you are visiting the castle you can hit this spot while you’re in there. The church was founded in 1344 and is still the current church today. If you love gothic architecture you will love this Cathedral because it is stunning, don’t miss it!

Parizska Street




This was probably where I spent the most time on our most recent trip to be honest. It is a shoppers paradise seriously! There are stores like Hermes and Cartier lining the streets along with more affordable options such as Zara and H&M. There are also so many delicious restaurants and vendors selling Trdelnik(pictured above) up and down the street. Speaking of Trdelnik, this is a MUST TRY for anyone visiting Prague. They are basically warm cinnamon sugar covered pastries that are cooked over a fire. Now you can get them stuffed with Nutella, ice-cream, and whipped cream. Nutella is my favourite ;)


Obviously there are countless other things you could see and do in Prague, the list is infinite! But these are just some of the main spots that I would recommend if you don’t have long but want to see the most in your time. If you have any spots you would recommend I would love to hear them so definitely drop a comment or let me know on any of my socials, linked below.

I hope you guys all have a great weekend and we will talk in my next post!


How I Grew My Pinterest from 1K to 700K

Hey B*tches!

I can’t believe it has been almost 2 months without a blog post * gasps * but TO BE FAIR I have been roaming the globe and honestly it has been so refreshing and has sparked so much creativity. I can’t wait to get home and start back to my regularly scheduled programming again :P BUT I had to get the Pinterest post out before then because it has been SO SO SO highly requested that I couldn’t wait. If you follow me on Instagram then you probably saw me creating the highlight for my Pinterest growth, which was basically at 1K in June and is currently at 733K as of October. Obviously that growth had you guys flooding my DMs wanting to know how I did it, which leads us to the creation of this post. I am going to be sharing my tips and how I grew my Pinterest to 700K monthly views so lets dive in BUT just a quick disclaimer, I am by NO means a Pinterest expert and am just sharing what has worked for me. NOW let’s dive in!


1. Start. A. Pinterest.

While this is probably obvious it is always surprising to me how many bloggers/influencers don’t utilize Pinterest at all. It has so much value and potential that honestly by not using it you are missing out on thousands of views to your website or blog. For example Instagram was my #1 source of traffic to my blog UNTIL I started using Pinterest and in just 5 months it has become my #1 source surpassing all my other sources significantly.

2. Create Boards That Fit Your Content

Having boards that cover the content you are producing on your website is SO important because you will be integrating your own pins and you want boards that they can be pinned to. For example I am a lifestyle blogger and I post about everything from food to travel to OOTDs to blogging resources so in turn my Pinterest has boards for recipes, travel guides, blogging tips, outfit inspiration, and more.

3. Organize Your Boards

This was probably one of the best tips I received from a friend of mine who is a Pinterest wizard because before I was told, my boards were a total mess! I organized quite a few of my boards to have sub categories, like my Accessories Board has two sub categories, Jewelry and Handbags. This gives you the freedom to have boards for all the different aspects you want but keeps your Pinterest account looking clean and organized.

4. Pin Everyday

This is such a critical step that I noticed really changed everything for my Pinterest. I like to manually go in and repin and post my pins but you can use tailwind or other scheduling applications to do it for you. Speaking of repining this brings me to #5.

5. Repin Other Pins and Follow Other Accounts

Definitely make sure you aren’t just pinning your own content and that you are creating a nice balance of other Pinner’s pins as well as your own. No one wants to just see ALL you ALL the time so by pinning other people’s pins you are creating a nice balance. Like I said, I pin multiple times per day and half are just repins that fit my boards. Following other Pinners is also important because you want your pins to repined which is easier when you have other Pinners following you and vice versa. Almost all the bloggers I have followed followed me back and now repin my pins here and there

6. Use Hashtags On Pins

Hashtags have really upped my Pinterest game and I wish I would’ve been researching them and utilizing them way back. You can see what similar pins have for hashtags and that gives you a good idea of what to start using. I also just google and research good hashtags for my niche which is pretty easy to do.

I hope these tips will help you at least get started on growing your Pinterest. Like I said I am definitely no expert but these are just some tips based on what worked for me. I am still 100% learning and upping my Pinterest game DAILY. Like just today before posting this one of my friends told me I should be using Canva to add headings and words to my pins. So that is something I will probably start implementing now! If you have any questions that didn’t get answered by this post please feel free to reach out on any of my social media(linked below) or drop a comment below and I will answer it!

I hope you all have a great weekend and can start working on your Pinterest game ;)