Wanderlust and Waterfalls!

I was looking through some pictures from my 4 months in Europe last spring and I thought I'd share some with you all. These pictures are from basically the middle of nowhere in between Switzerland and France. We're driving back to my cousins house in Switzerland from France and were crossing through the mountains when we noticed these little waterfalls spewing from the mountains. So we took a little detour through freakishly tiny, slightly creepy roads until we wound our way to the falls. We parked our car and then took a little hit up to the little waterfalls. The area we were in was beyond gorgeous and was pretty remote except for a tiny little village. We were able to walk right up to the waterfall and put our hands under them. It was definitely an experience to remember. 

This was the amazing view from the road. 

How cute are these little waterfalls though??
My dad was beyond excited to be there as you can see:)
On our way down from the area where the waterfalls were we stumbled upon a little stream so of course my brother and I had to have a quick splash around!
The water was actually freezing that day but I still couldn't resist.