When I look at my #transformationtuesday I feel so accomplished. I mean I worked my butt off and I can't complain about the results at all. A lot of people would look at the picture on the left and be completely disgusted by that girl, I used to feel that way too but not anymore. I don't hate or despise her at all, far from it actually.  The girl on the left is just as amazing as the skinnier girl on the right. She was just as funny, smart, and beautiful. Loosing weight is definitely gratifying and makes you feel better about your appearance but being skinnier isn't all that matters in life. Now being healthier is definitely important. The girl on the left was not as healthy as the girl on the right. She hardly ever exercised or ate any whole food. She was filling her body with artificial foods and unhealthy chemicals.  The girl on the right however lives off whole, clean foods. She enjoys fruits and vegetables and loves to run. She fuels her body with the best fuel am treats it so much better.  So when I look at these two pictures the biggest transformation I see isn't in appearance, or weight, it is in the way I transformed my lifestyle. I transformed my unhealthy eating habits and inactive lifestyle and that's the best #transformationtuesday you can have.