Picking my Perfect Pumpkin


I am literally that person who waited until yesterday to pick my pumpkin don't judge me okay! Life is super busy right now but I finally got around to it yesterday and went to this adorable little pumpkin patch. They had GORGEOUS pumpkins in all shapes and sizes and were very reasonable on their prices as well. I found a perfect little snowball pumpkin and it only cost me $4. Im gonna paint him, and yes it is a he, tonight just in time for the trick or treaters. Anyway here are some pics I got in the patch!img_8213img_8214img_8215img_8217img_8218img_8220img_8221img_8225img_8226img_8232img_8230  

The white snowball in most of the pics is my perfect little pumpkin in case you didn't know ;P Let me know what kind of pumpkin you picked this year and if you have pics feel free to tag me on Instagram at @sweetserendipity96

Happy Halloween,