No heat Waves!

I am a BIG believer in taking care of my hair. I religiously coconut oil it once a week to every two weeks, I have SO many products that are supposed to moisturizer and protect it, I use heat protection like a maniac, and get A LOT of trims. I can't stand split ends :P So naturally being the crazy lady that I am I live for hairstyles that don't require heat because since I model I am already killing my hair a lot! So this hairstyle is my go to to get gorgeous waves without the damaging heat.img_8323 It's super easy, all I do is after my shower I add some product or oil to my towel dried hair. Then I French braid it into two pigtails. I sometimes wear it like that all day and night but you can just do it at night, sleep on it and get the same effect! When you wake up just take out the braids and voila insta waves! You can add a little hairspray and you're good to go! img_8309

If you guys have any other no heat hairstyles please leave them in the comments for me to try out!

Love you guys,