West Texas Photoshoot! 

Since I'm currently on a roadtrip up to Canada(lots of pics to come when I get them off my camera onto my laptop) I thought I would share some pictures from the most adorable photoshoot I did in West Texas! The little town was so empty it was almost like a ghosttown and gave the SHOOT a really cool vibe! It was also much more of a desert kind of climate and terrain so that really added to the whole country ghosttown vibe!img_8389img_8392img_8395img_8400img_8404 All these were taken on a cute little road that luckily had no traffic going down it that day ;P I loved playing runaway! img_8241img_8244img_8250img_8262img_8265img_8273img_8276img_8286img_8293img_8301img_8307img_8319img_8327 These were all shots from the abandoned buildings in the town! There was actually a super scary cat by the stairwell that I literally thought was going to kill me! img_8357img_8367img_8374img_8375img_8378 Lastly we stopped by a field that was FULL of cactus..cacti...cactuses...anyway you get what I'm saying :P

Let me know what you guys think in the comments and if you want to see more blooper pics let me know!

Love you all!