Yes I am a Muslim, No I'm not a Terrorist


I can't even count the amount of times I have heard people associate Islam and Terrorism, The two practically go together like peanut butter and jelly. I cannot tell you how heartbreaking that is to all non radical muslims all over the world. We are not all bomb making, terror causing, maniacs that the media makes us out to be. In fact those people you see causing all this destruction and evil have nothing to do with this beautiful religion or the millions of wonderful people who follow it.Islam does not condone the killing of innocents or causing harm to anyone. It is actually one of the most peaceful religions and preaches to be respectful and kind to people of any race, religion, and/or country. The people who do all these disgusting, unimaginable acts of terror have nothing to do with Islam at all. They are just pure evil but by using Islam and being Muslim to justify their acts they are tarnishing a beautiful religion and also the many amazing people who follow it. They are also causing hate against the many wonderful Muslims all across the globe who have nothing to do with these radical terror groups. These innocents are just grouped together with the radicals and it's not right because they have nothing to do with them. They are just normal Americans, Canadians, Europeans, etc, who are trying to live their lives. I'm just a normal 20 year old who is trying to figure out her life not how to make a bomb. I have personally watched as the years have gone by how the Islamophobia, racism, and hate towards my fellow Muslims has grown. I've watched my Dad who is just a normal Canadian citizen be stopped in the airport almost every single time because he is Pakistani and his name is Muhammad. I've never been very scared or had any fears about people knowing I'm Muslim. I did however become quite uneasy when armed protestors came to protest outside the mosque not far from our home in Dallas and when someone vandalized the mosque my Dad prays at. Slowly the US. is becoming more scared of us because of all the terrorists and it is making them act out in these acts of hate. It isn't fair that normal Muslims like myself and my family have to experience the effects of hate for these radical terrorists. We are not the enemy. We are just one of the millions of normal, peaceful Muslim families living our everyday lives. Please remember this the next time you want to make another comment about all Muslims being terrorists or that we are all violent savages. Don't let the terrorists define us.