Grapevine, Texas AKA Christmas Land!

A few days ago my Mom and I went to Grapevine to check out their Christmas decorations. Historic Grapevine is known to have AMAZING decorations and fun Christmas-y things to do during December, I mean it is literally called the Christmas Capital of Texas.img_8951 It definitely didn't disappoint. They had set up a cute little area with shops selling food and hot drinks, which I took advantage of because it was F-R-E-E-Z-I-N-G! Some Canadian I am :P img_8927img_8940img_8947img_8934img_8953They had lots of fun places to take pictures like those adorable candy canes and the elf who literally tells you to take an "Elfie" with him! I also loved the Elf house, it was just too adorable and the real mailbox you could actually use to send your Santa letters was so cute! This was also the area where you could catch the "North Pole Express" they literally made the Polar Express come to life, unfortunately we didn't have tickets and they were sold out since JULY! So that is a Christmas adventure for another time.

We then left the Christmas village area and made our way further into the downtown. The downtown was decked out in decorations which I loved, it was literally like a Christmas bomb went off down there!img_8955img_8959img_8967img_8961img_8991img_8957

Everything down there had some kind of Christmas touch. The shops, statues, trees, benches, you name it and they Christmasfied it! I even found the Big Man himself down there ;)img_8992img_8994

They also had a tunnel of love set up and it was adorable, it probably looks a million times better at night. Of course I had to walk through it and get a picture at the end even though I am single and forever alone :P

Right after the tunnel that reminds you that you will be a cat lady forever you come to an adorable area set up like Christmas in the old days. It's an old cabin that looks like something right out of Little House on the Prairie and on the inside they replicate how it would have been decorated back then.img_9006img_9012

I couldn't get pictures on the inside but I did grab some on the porch of the cabin and in the yard where they had an old wagon and hay bales set up! How adorable are those country styled trees??


Making our way back to our car we stopped at the little farmers market and right next to it was a tomb but I'm not sure what it was used for or meant to replicate because I didn't get a chance to read the historical marker. They also had this Charlie Brown area that sold Charlie Brown Christmas trees! How freaking adorable is that!?

If you have a chance to make it to Grapevine during December I would most definitely do it! It's a lot of fun and they have amazing Christmas spirit. Speaking of Christmas spirit if you guys haven't already you need to go enter my **Christmas Giveaway** You can find all the info and enter Here!! You can also find me on all the the following social media below!




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