Real Talk


Okay so I want to get real with you guys for a second. So many of you guys on here and my Instagram are forever asking me how I'm so toned, thin, never bloated, etc. And I just want to show you all that I'm just like you guys.  I get bloated and I get food babies. You can flex and pose in the right way and look like the left or you can just pose and you can see my In-N-Out food baby😂 Instagram and blogs are mostly just a highlight reel of our lives, we just show the pics where our makeup is on point or where we look the best in our outfits but I don't want to be that Instagrammer/ Blogger who just shows her highlight reel. 

I want to show you guys what's actually REAL and bloat, a little flab, zits, no makeup, and just our imperfections are what's real. They are what make us "us" and I think we're all pretty freaking gorgeous and great💁🏼💕

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