Flower Child~

Happy Hump Day Babes! I hope you're all doing great!


A few days ago I got to do a gorgeous shoot in the forest BAREFOOT. Now I'm not going to lie being barefoot in the woods in Texas was a little scary, I mean hello snakes, bugs, and thorns but it was also super fun! I'm 100% glad I did it #noregrets ;)


I honestly felt like a forest fairy straight out of a fairytale. The flower crown mixed with the gorgeous floral dress, which is from Target btw, really made you forget you're just some random chick running around in the woods.IMG_2792IMG_2853IMG_2798IMG_2835

Also the gorgeous choker I am wearing was sent to me by White Daisy Jewelry  you should definitely check her out! She makes all her own jewelry and everything is just as gorgeous as this choker I got to rock.


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Love you bunches,



*This post is not sponsored and all thoughts are my own. The choker was sent to me to use in a shoot that is all*