Being A Basic Blogger B*tch

Hey guys! 

So a lot of you probably noticed by now that I have completely rebranded (the domain is on hold currently but basicbloggerb* is on its way as soon as the domain is released to me) and I am beyond excited to start this new phase. So many of you have been asking questions about why I decided to rebrand and what prompted it and I will be answering them all hopefully with this post.

Ever since I documented my first Starbucks about 6 years ago I have been called "basic b*tch" and it has only grown more as I fell in love with other "basic" things. I have NEVER been a fan of the word "basic" or "basic b*tch" because I feel like it is just another label that is meant to shame people for things that bring them joy. I don't ever think people should be shamed for loving something that brings them any kind of happiness. Once I got into the blogging world more seriously about 2 years ago, I noticed that there are A LOT of people who think bloggers are a bunch of fake, snobby, basic b*tches. I have had people tell me that we (bloggers and influencers) are all just entitled and expect to get everything for free as if we don't put in hella work and hustle to do what we do. I have had people say that my friends and I are so fake and probably aren't even friends. Of course we have been called  Basic B*tches more than I  can even count. Every time I get a picture of my coffee for my Instagram or an OOTD for my Twitter I am called a basic b*tch. I don't think I was ever called a basic b*tch more in my life than when my blogging and social presence started to do better. 

Obviously, we all joke around using basic and basic b*tch sometimes but I have had some of my so called "friends" use it in such a negative and venomous way. It has definitely become more of a hateful term for those people than a light hearted joke. I have had friends completely try and belittle my blogging and tear it and me down any chance they got. Making sarcastic remarks about bloggers and blogging and how it isn't a real "job" or that It just makes me a snobby b*tch and of course thats it's so "basic". First of all there is NOTHING basic about being a blogger and there is nothing basic about ME! 

I want to go through and debunk a couple of the assumptions people have made about me and my "basic b*tch" "entitled" "rich, snobby" blogger life. Firstly, my parents do not pay my way through life. I shockingly make my own money despite what a lot of people have thought. Their wealth and money is not a reflection of what I have or what I make. I am my own person with my own bank account. Secondly, just because companies send me products, pay me for sponsored content, or give me any other opportunities it DOES NOT mean that I am entitled or privileged, it means that I have worked my butt off and hustle everyday to achieve and be worthy of these amazing opportunities. Lastly, being a blogger, youtuber, influencer, etc. is not "basic". Liking Starbucks, selfies, shopping at Target, and the MANY other things considered "basic" doesn't mean you're basic. Sure I definitely take selfies of myself drinking starbucks on my flights to all the different parts of the world that I am blessed enough to see. I wear my Uggs and yoga pants on them too ;) but  I am so much more than the "basic b*tch" so many people assume I am. 

Finally coming to the rebranding. After being called a basic bitch over and over I decided "You know what? I am going to own this!". If doing what I love makes me a Basic B*tch then I guess thats what I am going to be. I won't stop being a "basic" blogger and I won't stop doing "basic" things. I also won't stop being kind when I can, spreading positivity when I can, lifting up my fellow women when I can, and being a light when I can. So, if all that makes me a Basic Blogger B*tch well okay. I own it and I'm going to run with it! 

To all my haters who got me to this point I definitely have to say THANK YOU! You inspired me to start loving my Basic Blogger B*tch title and I am going to spread that love around to all my fellow Basic B*tches and Basic Blogger B*tches. Get ready to see so much more of our amazing "basic" selves.