Exploring Legacy Food Hall

Hey B*tches!

I hope you are all having a great, fun, relaxing weekend so far! I have been and I am SO ready to share this post with you guys because I just know you are all gonna LUV it, so lets get to it.

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Last week I was invited to Legacy Food Hall in Plano, TX, to try some of the new spots that have opened there. Those being Beijing Brothers, SusieCakes, Whisk & Eggs, and Velvet Taco. It was probably one of my favourite collaborations to date if I’m being totally honest. I love the Food Hall SO much I have gone there for my birthday for two years in a row so far :P

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Alright so I started at Whisk & eggs where I got to try their new Ice Cream Brioche Sandwich and Y”ALL. THERE ARE NO WORDS FOR HOW AMAZING THIS IS like insert ALLLLLL the heart eyes here>>

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So the sandwich consists of a toasted brioche bun, slathered in nutella, sandwiching vanilla ice cream, and it all works together SO DANG well.

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After starting with dessert, I went over to Beijing Brothers to watch the noodle pulling master Willy Lu do his thing. Fun Fact Willy is ranked one of the top hand noodle pulling masters in the country and can pull 13 servings of noodles at one time.

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I tried the Happy Summer Noodles with Chicken and it did not disappoint. You can 1000% taste the difference with these hand pulled noodles. I also tried the Wontons and I loved the fact that this is actually authentic Chinese food not the American-ized version that were all used to seeing and eating.

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After enjoying some noods, I was off to Velvet Taco because everyday is Taco Tuesday ;) Now VT completely won my heart because they have a freaking Paneer Taco!! LIKE WHAT!?! My Pakistani side was IN HEAVEN. I also tried the Buffalo which was delish but nothing tops the Paneer. SO SO glad Legacy Food Hall now has a Velvet Taco permanently.


Along with the tacos I was recommended the Elote Corn which as you can see by my stuffed face was a winner!

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Last but NOT least I stopped at SusieCakes for another round of dessert and to be honest can a girl ever have too much dessert? I got a slice of the Vanilla Celebration Cake because everyday is a celebration with SusieCakes!!

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I also stopped at Berrynaked to grab a popsicle even though they aren’t a new a vendor they are one of my all time favourites and definitely had to make it on this post. I got the Hydrate which is just coconut water and fruit but it was so refreshing after trying all this food!

I had such a blast roaming Legacy Hall and trying their new vendors, I literally CANNOT recommend checking the Food Hall out enough. There are SO many great options and there is really something for everyone. As always if you have any questions leave them below or feel free to hit me up on any of my socials, I love talking to you guys so don’t be shy.

I hope you all have the best weekend and I will talk to you soon,