How I Grew My Pinterest from 1K to 700K

Hey B*tches!

I can’t believe it has been almost 2 months without a blog post * gasps * but TO BE FAIR I have been roaming the globe and honestly it has been so refreshing and has sparked so much creativity. I can’t wait to get home and start back to my regularly scheduled programming again :P BUT I had to get the Pinterest post out before then because it has been SO SO SO highly requested that I couldn’t wait. If you follow me on Instagram then you probably saw me creating the highlight for my Pinterest growth, which was basically at 1K in June and is currently at 733K as of October. Obviously that growth had you guys flooding my DMs wanting to know how I did it, which leads us to the creation of this post. I am going to be sharing my tips and how I grew my Pinterest to 700K monthly views so lets dive in BUT just a quick disclaimer, I am by NO means a Pinterest expert and am just sharing what has worked for me. NOW let’s dive in!


1. Start. A. Pinterest.

While this is probably obvious it is always surprising to me how many bloggers/influencers don’t utilize Pinterest at all. It has so much value and potential that honestly by not using it you are missing out on thousands of views to your website or blog. For example Instagram was my #1 source of traffic to my blog UNTIL I started using Pinterest and in just 5 months it has become my #1 source surpassing all my other sources significantly.

2. Create Boards That Fit Your Content

Having boards that cover the content you are producing on your website is SO important because you will be integrating your own pins and you want boards that they can be pinned to. For example I am a lifestyle blogger and I post about everything from food to travel to OOTDs to blogging resources so in turn my Pinterest has boards for recipes, travel guides, blogging tips, outfit inspiration, and more.

3. Organize Your Boards

This was probably one of the best tips I received from a friend of mine who is a Pinterest wizard because before I was told, my boards were a total mess! I organized quite a few of my boards to have sub categories, like my Accessories Board has two sub categories, Jewelry and Handbags. This gives you the freedom to have boards for all the different aspects you want but keeps your Pinterest account looking clean and organized.

4. Pin Everyday

This is such a critical step that I noticed really changed everything for my Pinterest. I like to manually go in and repin and post my pins but you can use tailwind or other scheduling applications to do it for you. Speaking of repining this brings me to #5.

5. Repin Other Pins and Follow Other Accounts

Definitely make sure you aren’t just pinning your own content and that you are creating a nice balance of other Pinner’s pins as well as your own. No one wants to just see ALL you ALL the time so by pinning other people’s pins you are creating a nice balance. Like I said, I pin multiple times per day and half are just repins that fit my boards. Following other Pinners is also important because you want your pins to repined which is easier when you have other Pinners following you and vice versa. Almost all the bloggers I have followed followed me back and now repin my pins here and there

6. Use Hashtags On Pins

Hashtags have really upped my Pinterest game and I wish I would’ve been researching them and utilizing them way back. You can see what similar pins have for hashtags and that gives you a good idea of what to start using. I also just google and research good hashtags for my niche which is pretty easy to do.

I hope these tips will help you at least get started on growing your Pinterest. Like I said I am definitely no expert but these are just some tips based on what worked for me. I am still 100% learning and upping my Pinterest game DAILY. Like just today before posting this one of my friends told me I should be using Canva to add headings and words to my pins. So that is something I will probably start implementing now! If you have any questions that didn’t get answered by this post please feel free to reach out on any of my social media(linked below) or drop a comment below and I will answer it!

I hope you all have a great weekend and can start working on your Pinterest game ;)