Denton Food Tour

Happy Monday!!!!

I am so glad to be starting off this brand new week by sharing a post I have been working on since last week with you guys! So as a lot of you saw on my Instagram, I went on a small food tour in Denton, TX, and got to try a bunch of cool new spots that I am finally sharing with you y'all. Lets hop right into the first place I went.

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I started at Earls Pizza Kitchen in Argyle. It is seriously one of the cutest pizza places I have been to lately and the stylization of the restaurant is adorable with all the exposed brick and unique light fixtures. The old pieces of truck that they used on the outside is also a super charming idea and makes for great photo ops ;)

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Now the food DOES NOT disappoint at all. After living in NYC I am kind of a pizza snob I’m not going to lie but Earls knows how to make some AMAZING pizzas. I tried the Margherita and Chicken Artichoke and both were fabulous. I also got the Formaggio Pane AKA Cheesy Bread and it was to die for, give me all the carbs! BTW my drink that is pictured is their Mule I just got it sans alcohol and def recommend.

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Lets talk dessert because I was very skeptical about their Perfecto Pizza which consists of a pizza crust base, nutella, chocolate chips, and marshmallows. Well it surprised me y’all and basically became my favourite thing on the menu. It is honestly worth the visit just for dessert and drinks IMO.

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If you are looking for new Pizza Spot around Denton area I 10/10 recommend checking out Earls because you won’t be disappointed TRUST me!

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After Leaving Earls I headed to Bumbershoot BBQ which, fun fact, is actually right next door to Earls! I really love the whole set up that Bumbershoot has going on as well. The airstream is ADORABLE AF and probably the coolest thing ever is they have paint that they let you use to paint ANYWHERE in their space. I’m talking tables, benches, the fences, you name it. So of course I had to take part for this post ;)

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I tried the Sliced Brisket Sandwich, Loaded Tots, and Two Meat BBQ Plate with Brisket, Chicken, Slaw, and Potato Salad. Everything was delicious but my favourite thing had to be the Loaded Tots! Somehow the brisket on the tots with all the fixings worked PERF and it was just fabulous.

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If you’re a BBQ lover you will L-O-V-E Bumbershoots and make sure you try the Loaded Tots if you go!

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From Bumbershoots I was off to Barley & Board! I was so pumped to finally be trying them because I have heard SO many good things and I am also having an event there later on this month.

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Now Barley & Board was right up my alley because I love getting to nibble on a variety of different things so these boards were my JAM! I tried the Cheese Board and the Sweet Potato Hummus, both of which I HIGHLY recommend. I don’t drink but tried the Mimosa flight sans Champagne just to get a taste of the flavours and YALL, if you love Mimosas this is for you for SURE!

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Barley and Board won my heart and I will 1000% be back even after my event for all the nibbles!

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Last but NOT least I ended my Denton food tour at LSA Burger which is across the street from Barley & Board!

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If you’re a burger lover than HOW have you not been to LSA Burger yet??? Because you guys, this is legit a burger lovers dream. You can create your own burgers or order off the menu, honestly there are SO many options. So here is what I got. I ordered the Chili Cheese Fries, The Waylon Burger W Mac & Cheese, The Bohemian which is actually a veggie burger, and The Chicken Tenders because how can I not??! The fries were killer like literally some of the best child cheese fries I have ever had and both burgers were amazing but I definitely favoured the Waylon. The Chicken Tenders were also delicious, crunchy on the outside and perfectly cooked on the inside AND not slimy like some are.

DSC_0506.JPG ss.JPG

LSA Burger also has live music so you can chow down while listening to local artists perform which I thought was really neat! They also do this thing called a “Sundown Toast” where they give everyone a small drink to toast with as the sun is setting. I missed that unfortunately but will definitely be making it back to see that for sure!


I had such a fun time getting to explore Denton’s food scene and I hope this post entices all my DFW readers to head to Denton to try some of their amazing foodie spots out. If you go to any of them definitely hit me up on any of my socials or below in the comments and let me know what you think!

As always if you have any comments for questions feel free to leave them below or find me on my socials, I love talking to you guys so don’t be shy ;)

I hope you all have FAB week and I will talk to you all soon,


A Day at the Magnolia Market and Silos

Hey Babes!

I hope you are all having a fantastic Saturday, speaking of Saturdays, last Saturday I got to spend the day exploring the Magnolia Market and Silos. If you have no idea what I'm talking about(don't feel bad I didn't either until my mom explained it to me on the way there :P) Here is a little background. Chip and Joanna Gaines from the show Fixer Upper( read more about them here Fixer Upper) opened the Market and Silos in Waco, Texas, after Joanna had dreamt about it for years. You can read the entire story of how it happened here, About Magnolia Market and Silos. Now lets get into my visit!


When you first walk in you are surrounded by the most delicious looking food trucks(to clarify the food looks delicious not the trucks :P). They all look so amazing it's basically impossible to decide what to try first. I also LOVE the cute benches with umbrellas for eating your awesome food truck goodies.

DSC_0265 (1).jpg

Next to the food truck there is a fun area where you can play or lounge in bean bags and just relax. It would definitely be awesome for little kids!


From there I headed to the Garden. I absolutely loved this spot! It was filled with gorgeous flowers and the garden shop has too many fun knick knacks inside. Also, shoutout to the super nice guy who took my Mom and I's picture so she could finally be in one of them ;)


There are basically just perfect photo-op opportunities all over the place. Just across from the garden is this adorable sink to wash your hands and this cute old time-y truck. 


Making my way closer towards the actual market I spotted a freaking hashtag sign that everyone was getting pictures with so naturally I did too, plus the Instagrammer in me couldn't resist a good hashtag picture ;)


Right next to the sign were the cutest white umbrellas! I didn't know at first but they are actually for you to use during your visit to stay out of the sun. It's the most adorable thing ever am I right!? 


Finally I had made it to the market and headed inside to see what all the fuss was about. After looking around I could definitely see why people loved it! The decorations and home goods were all so flipping cute.  And if you're a fan of the show it makes even more fun I imagine. 


I didn't actually make it into the bakery because it was SO hot and I just couldn't take the long line. I have heard from SO many people that everything in there is scrumptious though. On my way out I noticed that there is actually a shuttle to bring you up to the entrance and it is cute as hell.


If you are ever in Waco, Texas, I would definitely pop by and check this adorable spot out! Chip and Joanna have definitely brought something really fun to Waco and I am so glad I finally got the chance to explore it! Big thanks to my Mom for having the idea and getting me to do it :P

As always if you have any questions or comments please leave them down below. Don't forget to follow me on all my socials so you never miss any of the behind the scenes action ;)

I hope you all have a great weekend!



Flower Child

Hola Babes! 

Last weekend I was finally able to try a restaurant I have been dying to try for SO long and I am pumped to finally be sharing it with you guys!


The restaurant is called Flower Child, which is amazingly fitting when you see the totally groovy wall that they have inside. 


I mean look at that!! Just looking at it makes you happy! Every blogger, influencer, and Instagrammer will definitely appreciate this wall as much as I do :P

Now lets get down to the food. Everything in Flower Child is all natural and organic, which I absolutely adore since I am a complete health nut. Honestly everything on the menu looked amazing but I finally decided to go with the Flying Avocado wrap and Lemonade. You can see their entire menu here>>> Flower Child Dallas Menu


The lemonade was delicious, you could definitely tell is was fresh and homemade. 


The wrap was fantastic. It had amazing flavour and you can definitely tell that it is being made fresh. The only critique I do have about it is I wish that they used sliced chicken breast in it instead of formed chicken. Other than that I loved it! 

Overall I would say Flower Child was a success. I definitely recommend that you guys try it out if you happen to have one near you. I am looking forward to exploring their wonderful menu further. 

As always if you have any comments or questions feel free to leave them down below. Don't forget to follow me on all my socials so you never miss a thing ;) 

I hope you guys have an amazing week!