Super Bowl Photoshoot!

I just want to start off by saying Mondays after the Super Bowl should not be a thing. Like after all the food, tension, and emotions I just can't be doing life today.screen-shot-2017-02-06-at-10-46-44-am As many of you guys already know ya girl here is a die hard Patriots fan so at least there is the excitement of our win getting me through the day(Falcon fans please don't come at me, you guys played a freaking great game and theres no hate here.) That excitement is what is getting this post written fro you guys, that and the fact that I have been DYING to share these pics from my Patriots themed(obviously) Super Bowl Photoshoot. This was probably one of the CHILLEST, most fun shoots I have done in awhile! Even better is I got to do it yesterday on Super Bowl Sunday! SO I guess I will just get into the pictures now! img_0359img_0373img_0368img_0376img_0384img_0409img_0423img_0463img_0432

Can we just say B-O-O-T-Y though ;P^^


I am so in love with these pics honestly. I can't wait to use them for profile pics all year :P Have any of you guys ever done a shoot with your fave teams jersey? Even if it wasn't for a shoot but just for fun I would LOVE to see pics below or tag me on Instagram or Twitter!! All my social media is down below! Also here is my last blog post if you haven't already checked that out>>>>~Texas Handmade Suds~



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Well this chick is off to get some caffeine!!!