Rethink the Pink Drink(Plexus)

Almost all of us have heard about Plexus by now, The "miracle" Pink Drink. I can actually tell you that I know at least 3 people using it and 2 people selling it. If you haven't here is a little overview of what it is and what it is supposedly supposed to help you with. The Plexus pink drink is a basically just a weightloss supplement that is supposed to help you lose weight magically. Plexus's website states that their products will "help people have better sleep, more energy, less pain, lose weight, have glowing skin, etc" the list goes on. People are calling it their "saviour" and "pink miracle" Unfortunately it seems like NO ONE has even bothered to research the product that they are putting into their bodies at all because if they had they most definitely wouldn't be using it. After days of researching it, because I never decide to trash a product without facts to back me up, here is what I discovered. Lets start with some of the ingredients in Plexus. First off they only have "Natural Flavours" listed and no other explanation, so this could literally be anything and any amount. Next we have Gardenia Cambogia also known as Citrin K. In scientific research it has been linked to many liver problems which makes sense because many people who have stopped Plexus use reported having a variety of liver problems. Green tea extract that is also in Plexus causes problems with iron absorption from food which can lead to iron deficiencies. Plexus also contains Chromium which causes your blood sugar to drop. In some cases it has caused users to drop so much that they have actually ended up having seizures.

Next we can get into all the side effects I came across during my research on the "miracle drink." Some mild ones included nausea, heartburn, lightheadedness, dizziness, feeling faint, constipation, diarrhea, and mild to severe headaches. These symptoms were the most common and even lasted weeks after the users stopped taking Plexus. Now I did come across quite a few more intense side effects and reactions to Plexus including, rapid heartbeat(people with any underlying heart condition should NOT take Plexus), fainting, seizures, liver damage, kidney damage(there are many reports of kidney damage linked DIRECTLY to Plexus use), iron deficiencies, high blood pressure, and probably one of the worst, entire shutdown of their digestive tracts. People also reported having stomach and digestive issues for up to FOUR months after stopping Plexus.

Another important piece of information I think many of you should have about Plexus is that weight gain is almost guaranteed after stopping the drink. So if you think the weight loss you have experienced during using the drink will last, think again. SO MANY people who have stopped say that they have gained back the weight after stopping it. Unless you already live a super active and healthy lifestyle, in which case you would not even need the so called "miracle" drink. Any healthy person who is really into clean eating and living would NEVER put this chemical cocktail into their precious bodies. Also the amount of caffeine in Plexus is just NOT healthy, especially if you are mixing it with other caffeinated drinks during the day.  Here is a great article about the dangers of too much caffeine from Marie Claire- Too Much Caffeine

After all my research I am even more against Plexus than I originally was. Guys there is just no such thing as a miracle drink to make you lose weight and get healthy. The only way to healthily achieve this is through hard work. Working out, eating clean, and patience, will get you where you want to be eventually. I know how frustrating it can be at times but trust me I have been there, I lost ((60)) pounds and got healthy all on my own without the "miracle drink" and you can too!

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