Last Winter OOTD!


First of all this has nothing to do with my OOTD. But it's Sunday and there's no football!! Am I the only one who feels so off now?? ANYWAY back to post! :P img_0006

It is officially getting hot here in Texas now, yesterday was in the 80s. So this is probably the last wintery OOTD I will be able to do, get ready for lots of shorts and tanks guys ;) img_0061img_0136-4

This is probably one of my favourite outfits for cooler weather though because I am obsessed with this jacket I got from Marshalls. It is the perfect length for all my dresses which I also LOVE!


This outfit is also perfect for Texas's crazy weather because if the day starts off cool and then warms up you can always strip the jacket and have just the adorable sleeveless dress, that I got from TJ.Max! img_0086img_0080img_0072

Now I'm not gonna lie the boots and bag are probably my two FAVE parts of the whole outfit. The boots are actually no name from some little store I found in a plaza once(I know SO helpful :P) But you can find this style almost anywhere. The bag is from Juicy Couture and its my BABY. I love it so so much.

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OMG I AM FREAKING OUT GUYS!!!!screen-shot-2017-01-29-at-8-53-28-pm Today I hit ((3000+) followers on Instagram!!!!! I honestly can't believe that many of you even care about what I have to say and share. I usually don't get all mushy on here but I am so freaking thankful right now. THANK YOU so much to everyone who follows me on Instagram, watches my videos on Youtube, and reads my blog! You guys are amazing and I can't wait to watch us grow more. I love all my followers and readers so hardcore. screen-shot-2017-01-29-at-8-44-41-pm

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Jade and Arrow Choker~

Happy Friday Guys!!! What exciting weekend plans do you guys have? I'm probably just going to chill at home and work on some youtube videos, blog posts, and  maybe hit the gym. I lead a very exciting life(not) as you can see :P

Anyway lets get down to business. So a few days ago I received this STUNNING turquoise druzy choker from Jade and Arrow. img_2544

First off lets talk about their packaging because I am OBSESSED with it! 7d7f5e63-19a8-47fd-a3dc-9de8b4e919c05c830f32-68f6-4d2f-b4ce-bada88abcadb

I love how they have arrows on their box and use string to tie it up. It's so cute! I'm a sucker for gorgeous packaging.img_2540img_2542

And the actual choker itself is beyond beautiful. I mean look at it. As many of you guys know I am completely obsessed with chokers and J&A just fed the obsession. I love the colour, style, everything about it basically. I will probably wear this until it breaks :P

I DEFINITELY recommend you guys go check them out because this choker is NOT the only gorgeous item they have, in fact I'm in love with almost everything they have. Here are all the places you can find them,

Their FB page- J&A FB

Their Instagram- J&A Instagram

Etsy Shop- J&A Etsy

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I will talk to you guys soon!



**This post is a sponsored post BUT ALL opinions are my own**