Fight Like A Girl

Hey Babes!

I hope you all are having a FAB week so far! I have literally been working on this post for days and I am so ready to finally be sharing it with you guys! Lets just get straight into it because I CANNOT wait any longer.


When Source Vital asked me to work with them on their Natural Deodorant Challenge for October aka Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I was more than happy to accept. I have a huge history of breast cancer in my family including my mom, grandma, and great grandma. A few years ago I found out that I actually have the BRCA2 gene, which means I am at an increased risk for breast cancer. Taking all that into account breast cancer awareness obviously holds a incredibly special place in my heart and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to help spread some awareness of my own.

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The Natural Deodorant Challenge was started by Source Vital to help women make the switch from regular deodorants to their all natural varieties. Regular deodorant is full of harmful aluminum which can increase the risk of developing cancer and it also clogs your pores inhibiting the release of toxins. If that wasn’t reason enough to make the switch Source Vital is donating $5 from every deodorant sold this month to The Rose. The Rose is a non profit organization in Houston, TX, that provides breast cancer screenings, diagnostics, and treatment for all women regardless of their ability to pay. SO by switching you aren’t only helping yourself but you’re also helping this AMAZING organization keep up their wonderful work.

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Once you have decided to make the switch you can head to Source Vital’s Instagram and enter for a chance to win some great prizes. Just click the Natural Deodorant Challenge post in their feed, tag three friends who you think should make the switch, and follow Source Vital. You could win a $1,000 donation to The Rose in your name, $100 gift card to Source Vital, and a 1 year supply of their all natural deodorant!

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I am so happy to be doing my part in spreading awareness this October. Changing your deodorant is just one of the simple and easy ways you can lower your chances of developing breast cancer. Along with that make sure you do regular self checks at home, if you never have you can easily google the proper way to check yourself. This is one of the best ways to stay on top of your breast health. No one knows your body the way you do and taking the necessary precautions and catching signs early is SO important!

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If you guys have any questions or comments feel free to leave them down below or hit me up on any of my socials! I love talking to you guys ANYTIME so don’t be shy ;)

I hope you all have a great rest of your week and remember to always Fight Like A Girl!