First Pair of Pointe Shoes!

I finally got my Pointe Shoes you guys and I am so FREAKING excited!!! I have been doing Ballet for about 3 years now and I have been working towards my pointe shoes SO hard so when my teacher told me I was ready I died! I couldn't wait to get them and start working with them. About two days ago I went and got fitted. I wish I would've got pictures in the shop but I was so excited I forgot, I did get a pic after though in the care04f6e1c-b7ba-4d14-a2d2-a3b6085fe309

Getting fitted was super easy because the lady almost got it right the first pair of shoes so it didn't take long at all.

I had class that night so my teacher was going to show me how to sew them up and make sure they were a proper fit and all that. Thankfully one of the other teachers who works at the studio offered to sew my first pair for me and I will forever love her because I so had no idea what I was doing :Pimg_1906

She is honestly the BEST!

I will be able to use them in class next week hopefully and I am SO pumped. They look so great and I am absolutely obsessed with them252d99e7-33c1-4292-9aa6-fff6085691e0

In case you guys are wondering I got them from Bloch and they are a size 5.5! Super comfy(for a pointe shoe) and I got some really nice gel padding for my toes.

If any of you guys dance I would love to hear about your first time getting your shoes! Don't forget to check out my last post~Miss Me Jeans Photoshoot~ and you can also find me on all the following social media so feel free to stalk me ;)



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