Brunch at First Watch

Happy Brunch Day Guys!

Also known as Sunday ;) Brunch is literally one of my favourite things on this planet. I know, I know super "basic" but hello? Basic Blogger B*tch, what would I be IF I didn't love brunch!?


Brunch is literally one of my favourite things on this planet. I know, I know super "basic" but hello? Basic Blogger B*tch, what would I be IF i didn't love brunch!? Speaking of brunch, one of my fave blogger babes and bestie Char and I recently hit up First Watch Cafe for a chill BFF brunch sesh. Besties that brunch together stay together am I right ;)


First Watch is definitely one of our favourite brunch spots! Everything you order at First Watch is made to order, which means its always fresh. It really makes a difference and you can tell when you taste it. 


For our brunch extravaganza Char and I ordered the Avocado Toast with scrambled eggs, one Banana Granola Crunch Pancake, the French Toast, and two of their AMAZING Iced Coffees!

Our waiter was most def judging us for ordering this much food but hey a girls gotta brunch! Plus we shared it all so I mean that make it a little better right?


The avocado toast was one of the best I have had. They aren't skimpy with the avocado AT ALL which I loved!


First Watch pancakes are giant which you definitely should know. Like huge! SO you can definitely share them. They are also freaking good! Some of the best pancakes around for sure.


Their french toast also doesn't disappoint in anyway. It was absolutely delectable, totally drool worthy. Its so light and fluffy but also SO filling. 


First Watch is seriously one of the BEST places to get you basic brunch on and if you haven't gone you need to hit it up ASAP!!! I will forever be a fan and I know once you try it you will too ;)

As always if you have any questions feel free to leave them below or find me on any of my socials and hit me up! I love chatting with all you guys so don't be shy!! Oh and if you wanna creep Char here is her website link ;)

I hope you guys had a fantastic weekend!



Thank You Instagram For Giving Me My Best Friend~


Hey Babes!  So today's post is solely dedicated to how I met my BEST BEST FRIEND through Instagram, Kate Bricken. I feel like I should definitely share "our story" because it is so freaking cute, #friendshipgoals basically ;) I wrote the story from my point of view and Kate wrote it from her view so let's start with hers! 


I believe strongly in fate, and that there is a definite destiny as to why people come in and out of your life and as to why things happen. I’m so blessed that Alex was brought into my life, especially in a time when I needed her most. Okay… fine… I guess we can go back to the beginning. I’ve been on Instagram and social media since I was probably 15 years old. You can definitely say I never took it seriously, besides for attention and such. I honestly don’t remember exactly when, because it feels like Alex has always been in my life, but I initially started following her blog Instagram @SweetSerendipity96. We followed each other off and on, promoted each others pages, and had a few short conversations for a few years until finally Alex and her family decided to move to Texas. We definitely started talking more and talked about meeting up and our families. Unquestionably we started to get closer and even tried several times to meet up, but something always happened. Finally in September, right before my birthday actually, Alex texted me about a Kolache festival her family’s hometown was having. I immediately decided that no matter what I was going. Honestly, I was secretly terrified that we wouldn’t get along or that it would just be this awkward like “Welp I’m gonna go now.” Instead as soon as I arrived, I honestly felt like she had been in my life forever. We immediately had inside jokes and ran around the town and festival discovering the coolest things. It was so weird leaving, because it felt like she should be coming with us. After that she came to stay with me for a weekend, and soon after I went to stay with her. We basically started texting constantly every day. If anything happened in each other’s lives we immediately knew. It’s a friendship that I’ve never known. I know that I can tell Alex anything and she won’t judge me. The bottom line… Alex came into my life when I needed her the most. She allowed me to open back up to people and genuinely be my friend. I couldn’t imagine any other friend I would rather stay up until 4 am talking to or who I would rather send the ugliest snapchats ever thought of. I am so thankful that she was put into my life when she was… I guess Instagram really does change lives.

ME- Have you ever met someone and felt like you've known them your whole life? Or like just known they belonged in your life? That's exactly how I feel about my best friend Kate Bricken when we met. We've only been friends for about 6 months really but we've been following each other's lives for almost 2 years. Let's rewind a little. So when I first started blogging and started my Instagram, Kate was one of the first followers I had. We had never met or anything before but she lived in Texas which I visited all the time because of family, I didn't live there yet. We followed each others lives through Insta for about 2 years. Around the second year I moved to Texas and I messaged her and told her we had to meet up. My small hometown was hosting a festival so I invited her to come hang with me and she was down. It's obvious that neither one of us has too much stranger danger and thank goodness we don't because I would be missing out on one my best, best friends. When she got to the festival I instantly just felt so chill around her like we had been friends since forever not like we were just meeting. We kept in touch after that and kept hanging out and we just got closer and closer. Kate came into my life at a time when I think I really needed someone like her. My grandpa had just recently passed away as well as one of my good friends. I was so lost, sad, and just trying to find some kind of normal happiness again.Having people always being like overly sympathetic towards you after something like that really isn't helpful. Being around Kate and talking to her really helped and continues to help me get back to my old self. She constantly keeps me laughing but can also talk out some of the deeper subjects when I need to. We have a lot of things in common but also so many things about us that are completely different and it works. Even though we have only officially been friends for 6 months I can't imagine a time when I didn't have her to send goofy snapchats to or text everyday about any and everything. I can't wait to see what kind of crazy shenanigans we get into and awesome memories we make in the many,many years to come. P.S. Thank you SO much to Instagram for giving me the best BFF ;)

I would love to hear any stories of how you and your bffs met so feel free to share them! 

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Best Friend Photoshoot


Last month my BEST friend, Chaste came to stay with me for about a week down here in Texas from West Virginia and we did a "Best Friend" Photoshoot which is apparently a thing. I started noticing that best friends were doing these so before she came down here I told her we needed to do one because they looked adorable and Chaste and I both love to model so I figured why not? When she got here we brainstormed some inspo on Pinterest and Google just to get some ideas of what we wanted to do. We just used some cute dresses and clothes  I already had in my closet so wardrobe didn't cost a thing, good thing we are the same size ;) My mom has a great camera so we recruited her to be our photographer and she did an amazing job!

Here are some of our favourite pictures from the shoot for you guys to check out and if you are planning on doing your own Best Friend Photoshoot maybe they will help give you an idea of what you want to do!


We actually found this idea on Pinterest and loved it! So we went to Walmart and parked in a empty area so we could do it without TOO much judgment. Of course some people saw us and I'm sure they thought we were insane ;P


These were actually total improv and I LOVE them! They just look so genuine and the one with us laughing is just so "us" img_6724

We actually stumbled across this bench right after taking the above shots and my mom thought it would be adorable to put one of us on each side, which it was!img_6810img_6794

Then of course we had to make a stop at Starbucks and let our basic selves run free. img_6912img_6872

Next we went to a different park close to my house for an outfit change and some different pictures. The one with the piggyback came from Pinterest we just tweaked it a little to be more us.img_6966img_6934img_6973img_6985

I love these! Especially the patty-cake and dabbing!


These are probably two of my favourites and we totally stole this idea of using the picture frame from some engagement pictures we saw, *cough* Lesbihonest ;)


And being the Pretty Little Liar Fans that we are how could we not? Of course we put our own spin on it but it still is so cute!


Lastly we changed outfits one more time and actually did these in my backyard! We got the idea for the writing on our hands from good old google but changed it to have the heart in the middle.

I hope this gives you some good inspo for your own BFF photoshoot because you should definitely do one if you can! It makes some amazing memories and is just a fun way to spend time with your best friend.

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Love you guys <3