Breakfast Power Smoothie

Morning guys, Or evening depending on where you are!

Today I thought I would share the recipe for one of my all time favorite breakfast smoothies. I call it my Power Smoothie because it makes me feel so amazing and it keeps me full way into the afternoon. So here it is,
1/4 cup of frozen mango
Half a banana(I freeze mine beforehand but that's completely optional)
1/4 cup of frozen blueberries
1 to 1 1/2 cup of greens(these can be any greens of your choosing. I use a kale/swiss chard/spinach mix)
1 scoop of protein powder( I use the vega protein powder in vanilla because it gives you extra greens and I like that it's plant based. I did a review on it a few posts back if you wanna check it out)
1tbsp of hemp seeds
1tsp of flax oil( this is optional but I like to throw it in sometimes
So there you go, that's my Power Smoothie. Just blend all that together and enjoy. Its a great breakfast any day especially if you're on the go and don't have time to sit down and eat a full breakfast. Plus it gives you a good dose of protein which helps keep you full until lunch and all the fruits and veggies keep you energized. If you try it let me know how you liked it!

My Go To Starbucks Drink


Being the coffee junkie that I am, I am forever on the look out for Starbucks hacks to make my drinks have less sugar and less calories. Now Im not some crazy calorie obsessed chick but hey if I can save a few here and there without sacrificing too much flavour why not?! During one of my crazy google sprees searching for said hacks I stumbled upon probably the best calorie/sugar saving hack ever and it was for my all time favourite drink, The Caramel Macchiato! Okay so here is what I discovered. If you leave out the 3 pumps of vanilla(2 if you are getting a tall I usually get a grande so all of this is based off that size)and switch to non-fat milk you save 110 calories and 15g of sugar!! The original Grande Caramel Macchiato has 250 calories and 34g of sugar but after these two hacks it is only 140 calories and 19g of sugar. Not the best amount of sugar but much better than the original amount!

Anyway I hope maybe these hacks will help you save a few calories or grams of sugar because Im obsessed with this new and improved Caramel Macchiato! If you have any hacks you think I should know for any other drink PLEASE leave them for me below in the comments!



Stop with the Body Shaming Already!


This post is something I've been wanting to write for quite awhile actually. It's something that I've experienced personally and I know others have as well. It seems that no matter how skinny or curvy you are that you will never escape the hurtful comments and body shaming. I used to be really overweight and I can honestly say that I never got as many hurtful comments as I have being slim. I'm naturally petite at my height of 5'2, my extra weight just hid my small frame. When I lost the extra weight I looked like a different person and I was very proud of myself, I loved my new body honestly. I was so strong and fit. We live away from most of my family so they hadn't seen me lose the weight all they remembered was that I left being overweight and then came back for the holidays basically a new person. Most of my relatives were completely shocked and I thought they would be just as proud as I was but that didn't end up being the case. Everyone In my family is overweight so before I lost weight I seemed like one of them, fitting in completely but after I lost weight it's like they thought I was some kind of outsider or freak that didn't seem normal.

I started getting called Skinny Minny, Boney, Anorexic, and even ugly. Even some old friends would tell me I looked like a stick. I remember one time quite recently where my cousin and aunt actually told me that I had ruined my body, become horribly ugly, and that no guys would want me now. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. These people were my family and even they couldn't help but make hurtful body shaming comments. Why couldn't they just be as proud of myself as I was? I tried to just let them roll off my back but after awhile I started to wonder if maybe they were right, was I really "gross" looking? Had I ruined my body? Then I realized that listening to all this crap was just completely stupid. I hadn't ruined my body at all, I had just improved it.

I became healthy because carrying all that extra weight on my little frame WAS not healthy. My family doctor had even told me that I was at a perfectly healthy weight so their comments about being sickly or having an eating disorder were definitely not true. I don't even think that people realize how hurtful their comments about being slim can be. They are just as hurtful as calling curvy girls fat.

Body shaming of every body type, size, and shape needs to stop. EVERY girl is beautiful, it doesn't matter if you're a size 0 or 18, we are all gorgeous, wonderful, smart, funny women who are so much more than just what size jeans they fit into. Instead of tearing each other down with hurtful comments we should be lifting each other up in praise of how amazing we all are.

Love you all bunches,