Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening

Happy Hump Day Babes! 

Okay so who here is always looking for whiter teeth? I know I am literally obsessed with getting a whiter smile because you all know ya girl LOVES coffee which definitely isn't conducive to white teeth! Finding products that actually work is such a struggle and trust me I have tried SO. MANY. Which is why I am SO excited to share these awesome products from Carbon Coco with you guys! 


This awesome duo is the activated charcoal scrub and toothpaste. I know scrubbing your teeth with black charcoal doesn't sound like the best way to get ultra white teeth but y'all it is DA BOMB! I had serious doubts when I first tried it but it literally worked so well I am now completely obsessed! Basically what you do is take your toothbrush and dip it into the charcoal powder. Then scrub your teeth with it for however many minutes it says, 10 I think?, and you use the toothpaste to upkeep the whitening between scrubbing sessions. You can read more about the duo and how it works on Carbon Coco's website, Carbon Coco


In this picture you can definitely see how white my teeth have gotten from using the products! This was taken after using them for almost 2 weeks. If you are trying to get a whiter smile I definitely recommend trying Carbon Coco's products because I can almost guarantee you'll be just as obsessed! 

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