The Devils in the Details

Whats Up Babes! I am super pumped to share one of my favourite outfits this summer. Its full of awesome details that really make the outfit extra bomb. Take a look,

IMG_2874 (1)

How adorable is this? But the real BANG is the back of the tank! Check this outIMG_2867

The detailing on this tank is so gorgeous. It really adds some awesome dimension to this basic patterned cami which I love. Let me break down all the other detailing of this outfit that I am obsessed with


I am a super hardcore lover of chokers as many of you guys already know, if you follow me on Instagram you DEFINITELY know ;P And this one is no exception. I am in love with the simple elegance of the pearls, which also happens to be my birthstone by the way!


These sneakers also won me over because of their laces. I love shoes that don't use basic laces, these laces are actually more like silky ribbons. IMG_2892

Lastly are the shorts. I LOVE LOVE LOVE distressed denim but I also LOVE LOVE LOVE high waisted shorts. These are both my loves all rolled up into one awesome denim shorts package. They are just the right amount of distressed and perfectly high waisted.


Here is the breakdown of where everything Im wearing came from.

Tank- Buckle

Cami- Billabong

Shorts- Buckle

Shoes- Reef

Choker- Buckle

Let me know what you guys thought about this outfit! Are you a sucker for cute detailing like me?

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XOXO Babes,



Misselenious Jewelry


Hey Y'all!I was sent the most gorgeous choker a few weeks ago from Misselenious, a super awesome jewelry company from Hollywood, California. All of their pieces are handcrafted and perfect for people with skin sensitivities. Their suede is also vegan and cruelty free. I mean what's not to love already?IMG_2749IMG_2772 (1)

You can check out all her pieces on her website MissElenious Jewelry and her Instagram MissElenious Instagram don't miss out on her awesome pieces. They literally are the cutest. I can't get over the choker I got sent, I'm kinda obsessed ;)


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Jade and Arrow Choker~

Happy Friday Guys!!! What exciting weekend plans do you guys have? I'm probably just going to chill at home and work on some youtube videos, blog posts, and  maybe hit the gym. I lead a very exciting life(not) as you can see :P

Anyway lets get down to business. So a few days ago I received this STUNNING turquoise druzy choker from Jade and Arrow. img_2544

First off lets talk about their packaging because I am OBSESSED with it! 7d7f5e63-19a8-47fd-a3dc-9de8b4e919c05c830f32-68f6-4d2f-b4ce-bada88abcadb

I love how they have arrows on their box and use string to tie it up. It's so cute! I'm a sucker for gorgeous packaging.img_2540img_2542

And the actual choker itself is beyond beautiful. I mean look at it. As many of you guys know I am completely obsessed with chokers and J&A just fed the obsession. I love the colour, style, everything about it basically. I will probably wear this until it breaks :P

I DEFINITELY recommend you guys go check them out because this choker is NOT the only gorgeous item they have, in fact I'm in love with almost everything they have. Here are all the places you can find them,

Their FB page- J&A FB

Their Instagram- J&A Instagram

Etsy Shop- J&A Etsy

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I will talk to you guys soon!



**This post is a sponsored post BUT ALL opinions are my own**