What Apps I Use To Edit My Pictures

Hey Gorgeous Babes!!

Last week I took a poll on my Instagram to see if you guys would be interested in a post about what apps I use to edit my pictures and clearly you guys are ;)


I live to please, so lets just jump into this! 

One of my OG and favourite editing apps is definitely PicsArt. They have amazing filters and can also do so many corrections, like acne removal and red eye removal. Everyone should have this in their arsenal. PicsArt is also free which is amazing right!?

I mean obviously Facetune made it onto my list. The blurring, the whitening feature, what isn't there to love about this freaking app?? Just make sure not to overdo it with the blur people!! While not free Facetune is worth the entire $2.99 trust me!

Last but most certainly NOT least is my newest obsession, Afterlight 2! I actually was suggested this app by a fellow blogger babe and ever since I bought it I have been OBSESSED!! The filters on here are gorgeous and I love that you can mix them together to create your own custom filter! Afterlight 2 is also $2.99 and SO SO SO worth it!

When I am editing I usually use a mix of all three of these apps depending on the picture and what all I want done to it. Here are some examples of what editing looks like using them!


I used PicsArt to sharpen this up, Facetune to whiten the wall, and Afterlight 2 to add a brightening filter.


This was just edited using Afterlight 2 and PicsArt. I mostly just had to work hella hard to brighten it and keep it as sharp as possible.


Facetune was used to whiten the tiles on this, then I used a filter from Afterlight 2, and sharpened it with PicsArt.


I brightened this with Afterlight 2 and the filter actually came from PicsArt! Then I blurred it with Facetune.


PicsArt and Afterlight 2 were used on this! Sharpened on and contrasted with PicsArt and then filtered with Afterlight 2.

I hope this post has satisfied all of your curiosity surrounding my editing process, if not definitely leave a comment below or hit me up on any of my socials! Also keep in mind some pictures are taken for me by photographers, especially my modelling ones and are edited for me by the photographers. 

I hope you all have a bomb weekend!!




Desi Me Rolling

Hey, Hey Babes!

Today I am coming at you with a collaboration I did with this awesome Desi inspired clothing brand, Jalaby(pronounced the same as Jalebi the dessert). I am absolutely in love with their brand, I love incorporating Desi elements into my clothing and shoots as you already know so this was a collaboration match made in heaven! 


You can find more info on Jalaby on their website, Facebook, and Instagram. So go follow them and show them some love ;) 


I can't even describe how much I freaking LOVE this tee-shirt you guys. The saying is perfection and it is SO comfy which is always a plus! Obviously I can't ever do anything normal so I paired it with a lehenga skirt but normally you would probably wear it with jeans or shorts. If the skirt is more your vibe though don't let me stop you from rocking it that way ;) 


You guys already know ya girl here is crazy about a good baseball cap so obviously I am in love with this adorable Jalaby one. I mean how could you not love it!?


I definitely recommend that you check out their store ASAP because as much as you're loving these two pieces I know you will love the rest of their products even more! 


As always if you have any comments or questions leave them down below and don't forget to follow me on all my socials so you never miss any of the behind the scenes fun! 

I hope you guys have a great rest of the week!