Taziki's Mediterranean Cafe

Hey Babes!

Happy Hump Day!! I have been SO busy writing and working on content that this week feels like it is just flying by! I am so ready for this weekend though. I have a blogger meet up I am hosting and a few other events that I am super excited about. Follow along with me on my Insta Stories and if you don’t follow me on Instagram you should be ;)

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If you read the title then you probably have an idea as to todays post Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe is pretty self explanatory I feel like :P I am so excited to be sharing them with you guys though because it is literally one of my all time favourite places to eat E V E R.

Taziki’s is definitely my go to spot for healthy eating when I have to eat out. They make everything fresh daily and nothing has any additives or preservatives. Plus mediterranean food is my BAE!

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My two go-to , all time favourite things to get whenever I stop in is the Hummus with either the Greek Salad with Chicken or the Lamb Gyro. Obviously if you can’t choose just get all of the above #noshame. FYI the Mediterranean Diet was named the best diet in 2019 ;)

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Taziki’s has expanded across quite a few states so hopefully wherever you live you have one or will be getting one soon. You can look here to see where the nearest location to you is. Once you find yours I recommend heading there ASAP because I want you all on the Taziki’s train with me ;)

As always if you have any comments or questions leave them down below or hit me up on any of my socials linked below! I love talking to you guys so don’t be shy.

I hope you all make it though this Hump Day and have a great rest of the week!


Brunch at First Watch

Happy Brunch Day Guys!

Also known as Sunday ;) Brunch is literally one of my favourite things on this planet. I know, I know super "basic" but hello? Basic Blogger B*tch, what would I be IF I didn't love brunch!?


Brunch is literally one of my favourite things on this planet. I know, I know super "basic" but hello? Basic Blogger B*tch, what would I be IF i didn't love brunch!? Speaking of brunch, one of my fave blogger babes and bestie Char and I recently hit up First Watch Cafe for a chill BFF brunch sesh. Besties that brunch together stay together am I right ;)


First Watch is definitely one of our favourite brunch spots! Everything you order at First Watch is made to order, which means its always fresh. It really makes a difference and you can tell when you taste it. 


For our brunch extravaganza Char and I ordered the Avocado Toast with scrambled eggs, one Banana Granola Crunch Pancake, the French Toast, and two of their AMAZING Iced Coffees!

Our waiter was most def judging us for ordering this much food but hey a girls gotta brunch! Plus we shared it all so I mean that make it a little better right?


The avocado toast was one of the best I have had. They aren't skimpy with the avocado AT ALL which I loved!


First Watch pancakes are giant which you definitely should know. Like huge! SO you can definitely share them. They are also freaking good! Some of the best pancakes around for sure.


Their french toast also doesn't disappoint in anyway. It was absolutely delectable, totally drool worthy. Its so light and fluffy but also SO filling. 


First Watch is seriously one of the BEST places to get you basic brunch on and if you haven't gone you need to hit it up ASAP!!! I will forever be a fan and I know once you try it you will too ;)

As always if you have any questions feel free to leave them below or find me on any of my socials and hit me up! I love chatting with all you guys so don't be shy!! Oh and if you wanna creep Char here is her website link https://charlyttealexandra.com/ ;)

I hope you guys had a fantastic weekend!



Cultivar Coffee and Hypnotic Donuts

Hey Babes!!

How's everyones Sunday Funday going? My SF plans literally consist of brunching and Netflixing because this weekend and past week have been insane! 


Speaking of last week though, I finally had a chance to roam Denton and hit up Cultivar Coffee and Hypnotic Donuts! First of all I had no idea they were in the same building together! That was crazy convenient because I was fully prepared to drive to both but didn't have to. It also made grouping them into one giant post sound even better.


Lets start with Cultivar! For starters their latte is literally one of the best iced lattes I have EVER had. I know that definitely sounds like and exaggeration but I kid you not it was freaking amazing.


I tried the plain and the vanilla and both were out of this world perfection. I could've gone through at least 2-3 more if I'm being honest, I might have a small problem!


After ordering my coffee I crossed the room to Hypnotic Donuts, SO CONVENIENT! Seriously everything they are making looks delicious AF and I had the hardest time choosing.


I decided to go with these 6 amazing looking donuts you see before you. Starting from the upper left this what they all are Orange Cake, Strawberry Cake, Holy Canoli, Blueberry Cake, Espresso Yo Self, and the Homer.


I definitely ODed on sugar but it was 1000% worth it because y'all these donuts are everything! I mean they're adorable and taste great, what else could you ask for!?


Because I'm extra I created my own aesthetic drink using donuts from Hypnotic and the latte from Cultivar. It's Instagramable AF and should definitely become a thing. It needs a name so if you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments or on my socials!! 


I definitely recommend that you all hit up Cultivar Coffee and Hypnotic Donuts as soon as you get the chance. The coffee is amazing and so are the donuts. Plus coffee and donuts are a winning duo ;) 


Oh and because the fashion blogger in me is always there I am linking this adorable out fit for you all as well because it is TOO cute!

Calvin Klein Tee This top is on sale right now so this is the perfect time to grab it!

Target Shorts My exact pair is sold out but I linked a SUPER similar style

PomPom Sandals 

Juicy Couture Purse 

Black Sunnies 


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I hope you have a relaxing Sunday Funday babes!