Friendsgiving OOTD

Happy Monday Babes!


I am bringing you some awesome Friendsgiving outfit inspiration for your upcoming Friendsgivings or even Thanksgiving events.


This is honestly one of my favourite looks currently because it has so many elements that I love. Starting with this gorgeous army jacket. I am such a sucker for a good army jacket and I may or may not have 3 of them in my closet right now ;) 


Obviously the dress is gorgeous! I love that the back has this scoop and bomb detailing.


If you follow me on Instagram you already know how FREAKING excited I was when I got these Steve Madden thigh highs :P They are my literal babies and I am definitely over wearing them currently! 


Can we also take a minute to appreciate the accessories, especially this bag!? The necklace and glasses are adorable but this bag really steals the show. It is so weird and different which I love. 

Here are the links to shop the entire look,

Shades- Royal Sunglasses 

Jacket- Army Jacket 

Dress- Hyfve Dress 

Boots- Thigh High Boots

Bag- Patch Tote (my bag is actually sold out currently so I linked a super cute one that would work just as well)

Necklace- I picked it up at a TJ Maxx on a road trip to Canada actually but any long chain necklace will work! 

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I hope you all have a great Friendsgiving/Thanksgiving week!



Pumpkin Farm Shenanigans

Hey Guys! 


I hope you're all having a bomb SuNdAy FuNdAy!! I've literally been bumming out all day just waiting for my Pats to play this evening #patsnation ;) Anyway back on subject, last week I went to a Pumpkin Farm like the basic blogger I am and wanted to share my shenanigans with you guys! 


This gorgeous, pumpkin filled paradise is Halls Pumpkin Farm! If you live in the DFW area and haven't checked them out you need to ASAP! 


They literally have the freaking cutest pumpkin displays and pumpkins I have ever seen. I also adore the fact that you can take pictures here at no cost, they could definitely be charging for that! 


After you have done all the pumpkin displays they have tractors that you can get pictures with as well. I loved the green one but the red one takes the win because you can actually climb up there and pretend you know how to drive that thing ;) FYI I actually do know how to drive a tractor though, thanks Papa! 


Obviously I loved the pumpkins but purely from a model/blogger point of view this truck was by far the BEST thing to take pictures with! It is so aesthetically pleasing and just made every shot look so bomb!


After I had done a bazillion pictures I did actually go load my wagon(yes, they let you shop for your pumpkins with a wagon) with three mini pumpkins. You can barely see them in there and yes I could have just carried them but I was so not about to miss my opportunity to pull an adorable wagon.


I loved getting to let my basic blogger side run wild and big thanks to Halls for being so awesome. Also no, this post is not sponsored I just literally fell in love with this pumpkin farm :P

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I hope you all have a great Sunday!



The "Bombest" Bomber

Hello Gorgeous People! 


Who else has been obsessing over the Bomber Jacket trend? I have been wanting one for the longest time and as you can see I finally hopped aboard the Bomber Train. 


I paired the jacket with one of my favourite casual t-shirt dresses. It really adds a nice pop of colour to the basic grey dress.


Since the vibe of this outfit is more casual I decided that for shoes I would just use a simple flat. These also matched the flowers on the jacket perfectly!  


For accessories I wanted to add some shine and sparkle to the basic look so I used this silver crystal necklace, wrap around bracelet, and silver shades. 


Here are all the links for you to shop the look!

Shades- TJ Maxx

Jacket- Floral Bomber

Dress- Cold Shoulder T-Shirt Dress 

Shoes- Cream Flats 

Necklace- Crystal Pendant Mine was sold out so I linked a similar necklace!

Bracelet- Silver Wraparound Bracelet 


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I hope you all have a fabulous day!