The Perfect Outfit to Raise Some Hell In ;)

Hey My Babes!

Have you ever just needed the perfect outfit to raise some hell in? Well don't worry because I've got you covered ;)

Of course my mom bought me this shirt! Then I styled it with some of my wardrobe favourites that I thought complimented it best.


Don't even ask why I have this cowgirl hat in my closest because honestly I don't even know, Texas is apparently rubbing off on me. 

I really wanted to focus in on the shirt so I kept the rest of outfit pretty simple(minus the hat because thats extra af) with just some plain Levi shorts, my black boots, and some shades.

I will definitely be taking this outfit to so many country concerts and dance halls in the upcoming future. It was literally made for those kinds of settings!

Hat- Buckle, here is the link

Shades- Ross

Shirt- Buckle, here is the link

Shorts- Levis, my exact pair are sold out but here is the link to an almost identical pair

Boots- Corral, here is the link

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I hope you have an amazing Saturday Babes!




Fifty Shades of Blue?

Happy Hump Day Babes!

Todays outfit is basically as the title suggests filled with a lot of different shades of blue. Take a look,

This is probably one of my favourite outfits of all time! It has SO much detail happening at one time and it just looks so summery.


The top has A LOT going on. We have gorgeous blue floral detailing, we have girly lace going through it, and then bam in the back it's opened towards the bottom. I love how much detail this top has.


These jeans are insanely gorgeous on their own, I mean can we just take a second to admire the perfect distressed look they have going one? Like all the heart eyes, the denim also look stunning paired with all these different blue hues as well though.


For shoes I decided to embrace my southern roots and throw on a pair of sparkly turquoise and brown cowboy boots. For accessories I obviously had to use this gorgeous navy bag I have had lying around and then just threw on some black shades. Jewelry wise I kept it simple with just that silver bracelet and my signature "a" initial ring.

Here is all the info on where everything from this outfit is from,

Top- Buckle here is the direct link to it, Blue Floral Blouse

Bralette- Buckle

Jeans- KanCan here is the direct link, KanCan High Waisted Denim

Boots- Corral Boots here is the link to my boots, Laser Cut Cowboy Boot

Bag- Buckle

Shades- TJMax

Bracelet- TJMax

Ring- James Avery here is the direct link to the initial rings, James Avery Initial Rings

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota!

First of all I think you guys need to know that there was a waterfall in the middle OF THE CITY!img_8584 This is the middle of Sioux Falls and now you can see why it is called Sioux "Falls". Sioux Falls was absolutely stunning, we stopped to see these rapids/falls after leaving Mt. Rushmore because my mom was dying to see them. They were created 14,000 years ago during the last Ice Age. Manny, Sid, and the gang totally drank from these guys ;) Im glad we did because it was absolutely beautiful. You can literally walk right up to the falls as close as you want to get.img_8580img_8590

I loved that there were no barriers. It was SUPER windy but otherwise the weather was perfect. These rapid/falls are right in the middle of a gorgeous park that you can walk around or have a picnic in. They also have some old ruins of the Queen Bee Mill which I loved because Im the history nut in this family!img_8623img_8624

Across from the ruins were some statues that I had to get pictures with because they were adorable. img_8635

And how could you not love this buffalo guys?img_8633

I touched the butt ;)img_8598img_8595


I definitely recommend stopping here in Sioux Falls if you ever have the chance or are close by because it is so stunning and very historical. Plus this area is just so relaxed and definitely is a good place to stretch your legs if you're on a road trip like we were.

If you have ever been to Sioux Falls I would love to know what you thought of it so don't be shy! And don't forget to follow me on all my social media so you can watch my travels and other endeavours unfold.