Great Balls Of Fitness

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I hope you are all having a FAB Monday. I am one of those weirdos who actually loves Mondays because I love starting off a new, fresh week full of opportunities!

So today I wanna talk to you all about balls, no not THOSE balls(heads out of the gutter people) Protein Balls, Collagen Balls, Probiotic Balls, and Energy Balls. Health Lab is making the most delicious and healthy wellness balls and I am SO here for it!


The company is based in Australia and was created by Jess Thomas who wanted to create a clean, yummy, sweet but healthy treat for women on the go and thats EXACTLY what she did when she founded Health Lab.


I love how clean and free of additives/preservatives Health Lab’s products are. That is something I definitely take very seriously and anytime I can find products that take it as serious as I do I love supporting them. All of Health Lab’s products are free of artificial colours, artificial flavours, refined sugars, palm oils, GMOs, preservatives, gluten, and fillers.

They are so convenient and perfect for all you busy boss babes. I love throwing them into my purse for a long day of events or meetings and I always keep a few in my gym bag for before or after my workouts. Definitely a great snack when you are on the go or traveling.



I am definitely Health Lab’s newest and forever fan. I can’t recommend them enough! You all need to at least try them out because I know once you do you will be HOOKED! For all my Texas babes you can actually buy these at H-E-B so don’t walk, run to your nearest location and pick some up!

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I hope you all have a great week!!



This is a sponsored post by Health Lab but all opinions are my own

SweatWELLth: Athleisure Beauty Products

Happy Friyay!!!

Guys I am so ready for this weekend, I need a break! If you follow me on Instagram then you have been following me around on this crazy, hectic week. I am constantly working on bringing you guys awesome content which means I always have to be going but I love it and you guys so no complaints ;) Speaking of that, I am so excited to share this new brand with you all. 


SweatWELLth is a new body product company geared towards fitness junkies and athletes. Their line of products are quickly becoming my gym bag essentials and if you follow any fitness accounts I'm sure you have seen them pop up more than once.  

IMG_9727 (1).jpg

They sent me their travel kit to try out which was perfect because I got to try quite a few of their products in one go! Plus with all the traveling I actually do having it all travel sized was SUPER convenient I'm not gonna lie. 


Honestly I was impressed with every single product I tried. One of my absolute favourites was the Hydra Mist Facial Spray for sure. The Power Shower was also phenomenal! It's perfect for those days when you don't have time to shower after your workout. All you do is spray it all over your body and then wipe it off and voila, you're ready to go!


If you are a gym rat like me you need SweatWELLth in your life today! They are definitely changing the game as far as athleisure beauty products go. If you want to try a few products out I would definitely invest in the travel kit and trust me you will be back for the full sized products ;)

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I hope you guys have a great weekend!!



**These products were sent for me to try but all thoughts and opinions are my own**

Workout Outfit Inspo & Some of My Favourite Workouts!

Hey Babes! First off HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME YOU GUYS!!! Your girl is 21 today time to get LIT, not really but like still YAY!! ;P

Okay back to the post! I am so freaking excited to share this post with you guys. As many of you already know I am a total fitness freak! My Instagram has "fitspo" all over it and I have written a few posts about how I lost 60+ lbs and totally switch my lifestyle, also I'm thinking about making a YouTube video talking about it what do you guys think? Anyway, this post is a combination of my love for clothes and working out so lets hop right into the outfit first!


This is one of my all time favourite outfits for the gym. I love wearing leggings especially if I'm going to sweat a lot because it keeps my thighs from chafing and it also keeps me cooler I find. I am also a huge tank lover, like I have SO many. They are just the most comfy thing to workout in I find. I don't like working out in Tee's at all and I'm not sure why exactly I just don't find them as comfortable as tanks :p


Another thing I absolutely love are cute sports bras. Especially for days when I wear open tanks like this one, I have to have a cute sports bra underneath.


Shoe wise you really can't go wrong with a trusty pair of Nikes. I must have at least 5 pairs in my closet right now and honestly it will probably just keep growing! I am a huge fan of Nike and even more of their shoes because they are just SO comfy. IMG_0785

And last but certainly not least are my trusty Beats. Who the heck goes to the gym without music?? Definitely not me, in fact once I forgot my earphones and I literally turned around and left because I literally cannot workout without my jams. Also I don't always bring my Beats, I alternate a lot between my Beats and Apple Earphones because I find them better for running which is my go to workout most of the time. When I am doing weights though I love my Beats because they are wireless so I don't have to worry about the cords!


Now on to some of my favourite workouts.

#1 has got to be running. Yes, I am one of those weird people who really enjoys to run. I love the feeling after a good run, seriously there is nothing better. I usually run for about 20-30 minutes sometimes 45 if I'm really feeling it.

#2 is definitely weight lifting! When I first started working out I didn't realize how important strength training was to your fitness routine so I was flabby for a bit because ALL I did was cardio. Once I added in some strength training I started to tone up and it was awesome.

#3 Ballet for sure. I started ballet about 3 years ago and I am completely in love. It has given me so much ab, leg, and arm/back strength like you couldn't believe. It literally tones EVERYTHING and is also a killer cardio workout when you are on the floor and not the barre. It has also made me CRAZY flexible. Speaking of flexible that brings me to my last favourite workout yoga.

#4 YOGA. Seriously yoga is one of the best workouts and best ways to improve your flexibility among many benefits. I started it about 5 years ago and have loved it ever since. I really want to try hot yoga next!

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