Brunching at Iron Cactus

Happy Sunday Babes!

Also known as BRUNCH DAY!!!  Speaking of brunch I am so excited to share one of my new favourite brunch spots with you guys, you definitely will be wanting to hit this place after reading this post trust me ;)


Iron Cactus had me come in to try their brunch last week and OH EM GEE you guys! It was one of the best brunch experiences I have had in a while, and you know I am basically a Brunch expert so trust me when I tell you it was AMAZE!


The brunch at Iron Cactus is an all you can eat buffet for $18. They have everything set up in this gorgeous room and you can just walk around and choose whatever you're feeling for that day. So many options, so little time!


I tried a little bit of everything, I got the Huevos Rancheros, the Mexican Casserole,the Cheese Enchiladas with some Fajita Meat on the side because I wanted EVERYTHING, and then some salad because ya know health.


For dessert I decided to hit up the waffle bar because I am all about some waffles y'all. I added some of the fruit from the fruit bar too! The waffles are made fresh and they have all the toppings set out so you can top it however you want. 


Now on to the DRINKS!! Iron Cactus knows how to get lit you guys! They have over 100 different kinds of Tequila and they also have the El Agave Marg that was rated the best in Dallas! 


I loved their cocktails SO much(clearly you can tell). First of all they are FREAKING adorable and they also tasted delicious. I would definitely recommend you try the cocktails and margaritas because they are out of this world good!


I recommend brunching at Iron Cactus 1000% and I will personally be going there again because they have won my little brunch loving heart. Everyone was amazing and so was the food. Thank you so much to Iron Cactus for having me come in!

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I hope you all have had a great weekend!!



*Iron Cactus invited me to try brunch on them but all opinions and thoughts are my own*

Cultivar Coffee and Hypnotic Donuts

Hey Babes!!

How's everyones Sunday Funday going? My SF plans literally consist of brunching and Netflixing because this weekend and past week have been insane! 


Speaking of last week though, I finally had a chance to roam Denton and hit up Cultivar Coffee and Hypnotic Donuts! First of all I had no idea they were in the same building together! That was crazy convenient because I was fully prepared to drive to both but didn't have to. It also made grouping them into one giant post sound even better.


Lets start with Cultivar! For starters their latte is literally one of the best iced lattes I have EVER had. I know that definitely sounds like and exaggeration but I kid you not it was freaking amazing.


I tried the plain and the vanilla and both were out of this world perfection. I could've gone through at least 2-3 more if I'm being honest, I might have a small problem!


After ordering my coffee I crossed the room to Hypnotic Donuts, SO CONVENIENT! Seriously everything they are making looks delicious AF and I had the hardest time choosing.


I decided to go with these 6 amazing looking donuts you see before you. Starting from the upper left this what they all are Orange Cake, Strawberry Cake, Holy Canoli, Blueberry Cake, Espresso Yo Self, and the Homer.


I definitely ODed on sugar but it was 1000% worth it because y'all these donuts are everything! I mean they're adorable and taste great, what else could you ask for!?


Because I'm extra I created my own aesthetic drink using donuts from Hypnotic and the latte from Cultivar. It's Instagramable AF and should definitely become a thing. It needs a name so if you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments or on my socials!! 


I definitely recommend that you all hit up Cultivar Coffee and Hypnotic Donuts as soon as you get the chance. The coffee is amazing and so are the donuts. Plus coffee and donuts are a winning duo ;) 


Oh and because the fashion blogger in me is always there I am linking this adorable out fit for you all as well because it is TOO cute!

Calvin Klein Tee This top is on sale right now so this is the perfect time to grab it!

Target Shorts My exact pair is sold out but I linked a SUPER similar style

PomPom Sandals 

Juicy Couture Purse 

Black Sunnies 


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I hope you have a relaxing Sunday Funday babes!





Dallas Blogger Brunch at Ross and Hall

Hey, Hey Babes!

Happy Monday to all you gorgeous people! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and are getting ready to make this week great! I am currently busy writing out my schedule for this week and it is low-key giving me anxiety because it is SO jam packed #bossbabestruggles. 


Last Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the Dallas Blogger Brunch hosted by my fave babe Rhonda Jenkins(check out her Insta, she's the cutest) and her brunches seriously NEVER disappoint! 


This time we were brunching at Ross and Hall which is seriously the most adorable space ever. It was super cute and had SO much room. Definitely blogger-worthy ;)


The food was incredible you guys. I got the Egg White Frittata and just look at it! However amazing it looks in this picture it was 200 times better tasting. 


Dessert was honestly my favourite part, my sweet tooth was 1000% satisfied with these delectable creations. The first it the Caramel Cheesecake and the second, also my personal fave, is the Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Bean Ice-cream! 

Definitely another successful Dallas Blogger Brunch! Shoutout to Rhonda for getting it all together(I don't know how you do it) and Ross and Hall for having us all! 

If you have any questions feel free to comment or you can DM me on any of my socials linked down below! I love hearing from you guys so don't be shy ;) 

Have an amazing week babes!