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Hey Guys! Today I am SO pumped to share all these amazing goodies Saddoris Specialties sent me to review! First off check them out because they have some adorable stuff>>>>>Saddoris Specialties FB Page!! Basically I will just go through all the stuff one by one and show it to you guys. It is all extremely adorable so get ready.


Okay so the first item are these adorable napkins. Saddoris is also a party planning company so they have super cute pieces like this for all kinds of parties. I love the gold shimmer to them.


One of my favourite items was this freaking adorable makeup bag. It says "Wake Up & Makeup" and I LOVE it!


Then she also sent me this gorgeous bracelet and SUPER awesome cup. I am honestly a tea/coffee cup hoarder so this cup was right up my alley and I am obsessed with it. I also loved the bracelet because it looks good with almost ANYTHING. img_0767

I basically loved every single thing she sent me because I mean what's not to love? They are all SO adorable and literally things I would buy myself anyway. I definitely recommend checking Saddoris Specialties out because you will be hooked.

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*All these items were sent to me by SS to review but all opinions are my own*

Shopping Spree!!


This is the first time I have posted twice in one day!! #MILESTONE!!! Okay anyway I will keep it short and sweet I have a new Youtube Video up


Freshly posted and ready for viewers ;)

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Clothes Mentor $15 Fill A Bag Haul!!


Happy Weekend!!! I finally got my Clothes Mentor $15 Bag Haul up on my channel which you guys need to check out!!! Here is the link>>>>>>Clothes Mentor $15 Haul

I never knew about this sale before EVER until this year. I don't know how I have been letting this pass me by all this time and Plato's does one as well which I did not know! Okay if any of you guys filled a bag I want to know what you got so leave a comment here or on my channel under the video and let me know!

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