Swalla by Jason Derulo:IFTAR VERSION!


Hey guys! I am so pumped to finally be able to share this with you guys! I am sure most of you have heard Swalla by Jason Derulo by now. Well I decided to make a parody for the song for Iftar, Iftar is when Muslims break their fasts during Ramadan in the evening.


It was a freaking blast to make, I mean I literally got to go insane and just throw every kind of drink on myself :P DISCLAIMER, I didn't even have to break my fast ;)

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I hope you all got a kick out of my parody and I will talk to you all soon!



10 Facts You Probably Don't Need to Know about Me


Happy Tuesday Guys! Today I thought I would share 10 facts about myself with you guys that you probably don't know or even need to know but I'm going to share them anyway! I got the idea after reading a fellow bloggers post and thought it is such a great idea because it just helps all of us bloggers and readers get to know each other better. So lets get into it!

  1. I am Pakistani, American, Canadian, and Slovenian! Now let me break it all down for you My Dad is from Pakistan so that's where I get that side. My mom is American, Canadian, and Slovenian because HER mom was Slovenian/Canadian and her dad was American. So basically I am just a mutt :P Or as my friends like to call me "Mixed Chicken" I am only a citizen of America and Canada though which is still pretty awesome.
  2. I have been moving  literally since I was 2 years old. We have moved around SO much I can hardly even keep track anymore. I've lived in over 25 different houses(No I'm not kidding) all across the US, Canada, and even a year in Pakistan!
  3. I was homeschooled from Kindergarten until I graduated High school. Obviously with all the moving we do it would have been impossible to be in public school so thats how the homeschooling came about! I honestly loved being homeschooled because it allowed for SO much more freedom and I could learn at any pace I chose. Plus who doesn't love doing math in their PJs am I right?!
  4. I spent 4 months in Europe with my family just road tripping across the entire continent. We bought a small car in the UK and just drove all over Europe stopping wherever we wanted and exploring. We also saw my moms family in Slovenia and my cousins from my dads side in Switzerland which was really cool. Definitely a once in a lifetime experience!
  5. I am a COMPLETE history nerd. Ever since I was about 8 I have been OBSESSED with all history but especially Egypt. I don't know why but my little 8 year old self became obsessed with mummies and everything Egypt. I actually read my entire children areas section about Egypt in my library and the librarian had to send me upstairs the adult section to find more books.
  6. I haven't started college yet. I'm 20 and still don't know what I want to do so I haven't started because I don't want to pay for a degree that I won't use or don't want. I'm just exploring life right now looking for the right path.
  7. I got to meet Jason Derulo! My parents own a limousine company in Toronto, Canada, and they were working with JD back when Ridin' Solo had just come out. I loved that song so I asked my dad to at least get an autograph for me but he hooked me up even better by letting meet him and get a picture with him! I'll have to find the picture and share it with you guys someday.
  8. If you follow me on Instagram than you most definitely know that I am a wanna be model/actress! I want to act and model SO incredibly bad. I have always been obsessed with fashion so thats definitely a reason I want to model because of all the amazing designs I would get to wear and I think acting is just such a great way to basically play dress up for your entire life. I also just love the idea of making movies and shows that people enjoy.
  9. I'm a huge health nut and fitness junkie! I try to eat really clean most of the time, like whole foods, organic and non gmo. I also love to workout. Im that weirdo who actually loves to go running and hit the gym. I also do ballet which is an incredible workout plus it is so much fun!
  10. I wear contacts. I don't think many people know that I am literally blind! I mean not really but I def need my contacts and glasses to see because otherwise things are SUPER blurry. My current prescription is +5.00 for my left eye and +4.75 for my right. I have a touch of astigmatism so thats why they are different.

I hope you enjoyed reading some random facts about my weird self and if you have anything else you'd like to know feel free to ask, I am such an open book. If you aren't sick of me yet go ahead and follow me on my social media down below!





Alex <3