Jumpsuit Joy

HI Babes!!

Happy Hump Day! I am not gonna lie y’all I’m riding the struggle bus this week, between trying to keep up with my work and fighting this sinus infection I am SO ready for the weekend to be here. Speaking of the weekend I am sharing the perf weekend outfit with you guys today!

AfterlightImage 13.JPG

This blue jumpsuit is literally perfect for any weekend plans you have! I can dress it down for hanging at the farmers market or dress it up for brunch with my babes, it is so versatile and just freaking adorable no matter how you wear it.

AfterlightImage 12.JPG

Can we take a minute to admire the cute AF ruffle that goes all the way around this jumpsuit though!?! It adds the perfect touch of girly to the whole look. I am always down for a good ruffle ;)

AfterlightImage 4.JPG

I am so obsessed with jumpsuits because they are a complete outfit all on their own. Especially when Im traveling I basically just live in gorgeous rompers and/or jumpsuits! They take all the guess work out of making an outfit for the day, plus they’re crazy comfy.

AfterlightImage 14.JPG

I got this particular jumpsuit at Altar’d State but this one is currently sold out. I did link a SUPER SUPER similar one from Target HERE though. My white heels are thrifted but I linked a similar pair HERE.

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I hope you all make it through this Hump Day and have a fab weekend!


Taziki's Mediterranean Cafe

Hey Babes!

Happy Hump Day!! I have been SO busy writing and working on content that this week feels like it is just flying by! I am so ready for this weekend though. I have a blogger meet up I am hosting and a few other events that I am super excited about. Follow along with me on my Insta Stories and if you don’t follow me on Instagram you should be ;)

AfterlightImage 13.JPG

If you read the title then you probably have an idea as to todays post Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe is pretty self explanatory I feel like :P I am so excited to be sharing them with you guys though because it is literally one of my all time favourite places to eat E V E R.

Taziki’s is definitely my go to spot for healthy eating when I have to eat out. They make everything fresh daily and nothing has any additives or preservatives. Plus mediterranean food is my BAE!

AfterlightImage 12.JPG
AfterlightImage 4.JPG

My two go-to , all time favourite things to get whenever I stop in is the Hummus with either the Greek Salad with Chicken or the Lamb Gyro. Obviously if you can’t choose just get all of the above #noshame. FYI the Mediterranean Diet was named the best diet in 2019 ;)

AfterlightImage 11.JPG

Taziki’s has expanded across quite a few states so hopefully wherever you live you have one or will be getting one soon. You can look here to see where the nearest location to you is. Once you find yours I recommend heading there ASAP because I want you all on the Taziki’s train with me ;)

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I hope you all make it though this Hump Day and have a great rest of the week!


Aloft Hotel OKC


HAPPY MONDAY!!! I am so freaking pumped (clearly) because this is the first Monday I have had off in literally FOREVER. I am going to just relax, get some coffee, maybe do some shopping and just enjoy. What are you guys doing on this fab Monday?


If you guys follow me on Instagram then you already got a sneak peak of the contents of this post, a few weeks ago I took a trip to OKC and was hosted by the awesome Aloft OKC hotel and I have been dying to share my experience with you all!


Lets just start with a little tour shall we? First stop my gorgeous room. It had a great amount of space and your view was the entire OKC downtown so that was definitely a perk!

Facetune_14-01-2019-16-19-50 2.JPG

A few floors above me Aloft OKC has an AMAZING gym for all the guests to use anytime. This is super important to me wherever I stay because I love being able to workout when I am on the road so a good gym is a must!

AfterlightImage 11.JPG

Downstairs in the lobby Aloft OKC has a little game area where you can play some boardgames as well as pool. I thought that was such cute addition that you don’t always see!

AfterlightImage 13.JPG

Right across from the game area is the WXYZ Bar and Restaurant. They offer an impressive menu of delish food options as well as a fully stocked bar. You can also order any of the items to be delivered straight to your room.

Facetune_14-01-2019-16-16-04 2.JPG

The area that Aloft OKC is in is literally such a prime location! You have a few restaurants near by as well as this little gem. Inside of those pimped out containers are a donut shop and juice bar that you can walk, or scoot ;), over to because they are right behind the hotel. SO convenient!


If you are heading to OKC I 100% recommend staying at Aloft OKC. They are so friendly, the rooms are fabulous, and it is in such an awesome location. You can walk to literally everything!

As always if you have any comments or questions leave them down below or hit me up on any of my socials! I love talking to you guys so don’t be shy ;)

I hope you all have great weekend!