Peace, Love, and Little Donuts

Happy Hump Day Babes! 

In honour of Hump Day I am bringing you the most perfect Hump Day treats ever! Say hello to these babies;

How amazing do these look? Let me tell you that they taste ever better than they look if thats at all possible. These delicious mini donuts come from Peace, Love, and Little Donuts. They have out of this world flavours ranging from Maple Bacon to your good ole plain cinnamon sugar donut. What's super unique about PLLD that I love is that the donuts are all made fresh and then they dip them and top them with whatever topping you choose right there in front of you. 

Before we dive any deeper into how delectable the donuts are lets talk about their groovy store and how freaking cute it is! Let me give you a tour of my local shop.

Front Entrance.

Main Counter.

Seating Area.

This is where the donut magic happens, the awesome girls at the shop are working on my Serendipity sign ;)  

Extra adorable doormat that I had to pose with 

Extra adorable donut guy that I also had to pose with ;)

Now lets talk more donuts and I will show you the flavours I got.


 I got the Boston Cream, Dirt, and Raspberry Lemonade.

As you can see I FULLY enjoyed my Boston Cream and Raspberry Lemonade. 

While I was enjoying my little donuts the awesome babes at the store were hard at work trying to build "Serendipity" so that we could dot the 'I's" with donuts because thats goals! But it wouldn't fit in the kitchen so we had to take it outside! 

It was so worth the struggle though because I mean look how cute it turned out!! 

And of course I had to bring my girls in for some shots ;) 

I have never had so much fun collaborating with a business and I can't thank PLLD enough for letting me run wild in their store! Everyone was so helpful and sweet. If you have a chance you definitely need to check them and their amazing donuts out. You wont be disappointed.

Peace Out Babes,