I Don't Know About You but I'm Feeling 22



There are officially only 7 days left until I leave 21 behind for 22 you guys! And being the extra AF girl that I am, I decided to go all out for 22 and do a Taylor Swift 22 music video inspired photoshoot!


A lot of you already know, especially if you follow me on Twitter,  that I am a DIE HARD Swiftie. Taylor Swift will literally, forever be my #WCW. The love started the moment I heard Our Song on the radio and has been growing ever since.


Thank you so much to Sarah for helping me make this photoshoot happen! You were so awesome and made the shoot so fun and easy! Check her Instagram out, she's awesome ;)


If any of my fellow Swifties are out there reading this post please follow me so we can fangirl together ;) I am also going to her show in Arlington so if you are too hit me up so we can hang! 


I hope you guys enjoyed seeing me in my natural, extra habitat ;) As always if you have any questions or comments leave them down below or find me on any of my socials!

Happy Friyay!



Desi Me Rolling

Hey, Hey Babes!

Today I am coming at you with a collaboration I did with this awesome Desi inspired clothing brand, Jalaby(pronounced the same as Jalebi the dessert). I am absolutely in love with their brand, I love incorporating Desi elements into my clothing and shoots as you already know so this was a collaboration match made in heaven! 


You can find more info on Jalaby on their website, Facebook, and Instagram. So go follow them and show them some love ;) 


I can't even describe how much I freaking LOVE this tee-shirt you guys. The saying is perfection and it is SO comfy which is always a plus! Obviously I can't ever do anything normal so I paired it with a lehenga skirt but normally you would probably wear it with jeans or shorts. If the skirt is more your vibe though don't let me stop you from rocking it that way ;) 


You guys already know ya girl here is crazy about a good baseball cap so obviously I am in love with this adorable Jalaby one. I mean how could you not love it!?


I definitely recommend that you check out their store ASAP because as much as you're loving these two pieces I know you will love the rest of their products even more! 


As always if you have any comments or questions leave them down below and don't forget to follow me on all my socials so you never miss any of the behind the scenes fun! 

I hope you guys have a great rest of the week!




My StyleCon Dallas Experience!

Hey, Hey Babes!


Last weekend I had the honour of being invited as an Influencer to StyleCon Dallas and I am DYING to share the experience with all of you! So lets get into it!


I got there right as it was opening because I didn't want to miss a thing :P Everything was running super well, I walked in and got my pass in literally under 5 seconds. Then I headed up stairs where all the magic was happening. Everything was set up perfectly and it looked amazing! I love that literally every wall was decked out with motivational and positive sayings. 


As soon as you walk up the stairs there is a giant room set up where they are giving out the swag bags! The bag for the influencers contained $500 worth of swag and trust me it did not disappoint ;)


I made my rounds, checking out all the booths and taking in everything. Everyone's stations were decked out to the max and were all so incredible. They had so many cool things going on in them, like selfie booths, giveaways, and much more.


While I was checking out all the awesome booths I stopped to get my lips glittered up by this awesome lady! She did an amazing job and gave me the most BOMB lips in StyleCon. 


There were TONS of awesome boss lady speakers invited and they talked about blogging, friendship, woman power, and so much more. I loved getting to hear them. Tiffany Hendra and Jeanine Amapola were awesome co hosts! 


The whole space was set up really well and looked amazing. The stage was gorgeous, there were tons of couches for when your poor feet needed a break ;), and all the decorations from the stations just made the whole thing look gorgeous. 


One of favourite areas in the whole place was most definitely the snack bar! You guys know how much ya girl loves food so obviously I spent quite a bit of time here trying out all kinds of awesome snacks! 


I honestly had such an amazing time at StyleCon Dallas. It was wonderful to meet some fellow Dallas influencers that I have been following forever and I loved getting to talk to all the different business owners who had booths set up. I can't wait for the next one ;)


As always if you have any comments or questions feel free to leave them below, if you attended StyleCon I would love to hear what you thought! Don't forget to follow me on all my socials so you don't miss any behind the scenes fun! 

I hope you all have a great rest of the week!