Too Glam To Give A Damn

Hey, Hey B*tches

Happy Monday Babes! I hope your week is starting off as great as you ;) I am currently recovering from my trip to Houston where I hosted Basic Blogger Brunch Saturday! It was so great getting to meet and mingle with some old and new Houston Blogger Babes. ANYWAY this post is all about my new fave accessory, Statement Bobby Pins so lets focus on those LOL!


KITSCH sent me a few of their statement bobby pins to try and I wasn’t sure how I was feeling about them until I styled them and got them shot. After seeing the pics I was IN LOVE with them. They can literally work with almost any outfit, dressy or casual, and add such a fun pop to them. I went from “ IDK about these things???” to “I NEED ALL THE STATEMENT PINS!!” in one shoot!


I chose the Glam & Damn pins because Too Glam To Give A Damn is literally one of my all time favourite sayings. Plus I already had this vision of styling them with a super fancy dress set in a casual setting and that just fits the whole TGTGAD vibe am I right or am I right!?


If you are looking for something to spice up your outfits with and give your hair a little more attention I 10/10 recommend getting some statement bobby pins. If you want the exact ones shown in my pics here are the links for Glam & Damn. Once you start using these you will be hooked trust me!!


As always if you have any comments or questions feel free to leave them below or hit me up on any of my socials, I love to hear from you guys so don’t be shy ;)

I hope you all have an awesome Monday and week! Talk to you soon!!


These Pins were gifted to me by KITSCH but all thoughts and opinions are my own

But First Let Me Take A Snap151



I am bringing you ALLLLLL the colour and brightness with this post to help you get though this Tuesday or as I like to call it, pre hump day. I also just REALLY want to share my experience at a new interactive pop up in Dallas, Snap 151. These new “Selfie Pop Ups” are all the rage right now so being the Basic Blogger B*tch that I am I had to hop on this trend!


Snap 151 is located in Mockingbird Station and will be popped up there until May 19th. Tickets are $20 which is honestly less than I thought it would be and children 3 and under get in for $10. You get a 50 minutes to explore the space and get pictures at the 10 interactive exhibits, It was more than enough time in my case. I had time to make tons of fun videos, boomerangs, etc, plus shoot with my photographer!

Here are shots taken from each interactive exhibit EXCEPT the flowers and gold wall.


So a few tips for anyone looking to check this out. I would definitely bring some outfit changes because you can basically do a new outfit at every exhibit and also if you aren’t super skilled with photography or have someone coming with you who is, bring a photographer because the lighting is a little hard to work with at some of the spots and I would have been LOST without Kendra(photog).

If you have been wanting to check one of these interactive pop ups out I hope this helps shed some light on them for you. My experience with Snap was super fun and I left with some great content for my socials so no complaints here. The only critique I would have is that there is quite a bit of just empty wall space that I think could definitely be used for more photo-ops.

If you do go to Snap 151 definitely hit me up in the comments or my socials and let me know your thoughts!

I hope you guys have a fab week and I will talk to you soon.


Whatever Sprinkles Your Donut


Hey there guys!

As per my warning this post is going to be a "hole" lot of donuts and if that is going to kill your diet by giving you crazy craving stop here, but if you're ready to lust over some amazing donuts LETS GET INTO IT!

Shoutout to my Mom who took these photos and didn't notice the HAIR TIE ON MY WRIST!

Shoutout to my Mom who took these photos and didn't notice the HAIR TIE ON MY WRIST!

I had the pleasure of being invited to Wow Donuts & Drips to try some of their fab donuts, lemonades, and coffee. This was probably one of my favourite collaborations because 1. FREE DONUTS DUH  2. The place and the donuts were HELLA aesthetic and taking pictures in there was a freaking breeze. 

AfterlightImage 8.JPG

I'm going to take you through my donuts so here we go. The first one is the Pina Colada donut. It is just amaze as it sounds you guys. Literally too delish! The second one is Over the Rainbow AKA the most beautiful donut ever made. The third is Banana Spilt! One of my personal faves BTW. The fourth is Orange Creamsicle and it's crazy how much it tastes like the real thing! Last but not least the fourth is the Lord of the Ring donut. It is covered in gooey chocolate and pretzel bites, donut porn at its finest ;)

AfterlightImage 4.JPG
Still mad about the hair tie *FacePalm*

Still mad about the hair tie *FacePalm*

Now on to their coffee. I love that they give you the coffee plain and let you create whatever your heart desires. You can add your own syrups and milks which I thought was super cool. I am definitely a fan of being able to control what is going into it!


Their lemonades are also insanely good. I tried the Strawberry Coconut(pictured) and Watermelon lemonades, both did not disappoint. They aren't too sweet and are perfectly refreshing in the Texas heat. 


Now I would like to share my own personal creations, I am currently looking for names for them so feel free to give me any suggestions ;) Also if WD&D wants to name on after me FEEL FREE GUYS! 


I mean come on! How gorgeous are the Basic Blogger B*tch creations?? They are a snack and drink all in one, plus they are perfect for the gram ;)


I really can't find a single negative thing to say about Wow Donuts & Drips. They have the prettiest and most delicious donuts in Plano. I definitely recommend stopping in to get some donuts and super cute pictures for your socials! Oh and if all that doesn't sell you, WD&D also makes all of their donuts fresh so there you go! No excuses to not go check them out ;)


As always if you have any questions or comments leave them down below or find me on any of my socials and slide into my DMs. 

Happy Hump Day!