The Devils in the Details

Whats Up Babes! I am super pumped to share one of my favourite outfits this summer. Its full of awesome details that really make the outfit extra bomb. Take a look,

IMG_2874 (1)

How adorable is this? But the real BANG is the back of the tank! Check this outIMG_2867

The detailing on this tank is so gorgeous. It really adds some awesome dimension to this basic patterned cami which I love. Let me break down all the other detailing of this outfit that I am obsessed with


I am a super hardcore lover of chokers as many of you guys already know, if you follow me on Instagram you DEFINITELY know ;P And this one is no exception. I am in love with the simple elegance of the pearls, which also happens to be my birthstone by the way!


These sneakers also won me over because of their laces. I love shoes that don't use basic laces, these laces are actually more like silky ribbons. IMG_2892

Lastly are the shorts. I LOVE LOVE LOVE distressed denim but I also LOVE LOVE LOVE high waisted shorts. These are both my loves all rolled up into one awesome denim shorts package. They are just the right amount of distressed and perfectly high waisted.


Here is the breakdown of where everything Im wearing came from.

Tank- Buckle

Cami- Billabong

Shorts- Buckle

Shoes- Reef

Choker- Buckle

Let me know what you guys thought about this outfit! Are you a sucker for cute detailing like me?

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XOXO Babes,



Say Yes to the Skirt

Hey Babes! I have the most BOMB skirt to share with all of you guys today, as the title kinda suggests, I found it at this store called Agaci for only $25! 7472BDE1-308F-435C-994C-11C4E0752E47326406B6-A585-4CA3-A8DE-39631537D77A

How freaking adorable is this? I mean the price is on point and you could literally wear this to anything! A wedding, party, dinner, the possibilities are endless. Plus people will definitely think you spent WAY more than $25.


I paired the skirt with a cute little strapless top from White House Black Market that I picked up from Plato's Closet for about $7. B0DFB61E-E3A9-42FA-8640-B357265D82BB9BA9B293-F09E-462F-8BB4-28019D0B6847

The necklace is from Forever 21 and was only $6. Those banging' heels are from Kohls and were about $202E665F7B-2507-4E44-96DE-0E82C36DDC6BDF547F32-8C2B-4413-81DD-33E91EF6A113

I absolutely am in love with this outfit and you can definitely expect to see quite a few pics on my Instagram ;) I mean how could you blame me??


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Love you guys,



A Free Spirit Wearing Free People~


Hey Guys! How's it going this week for everyone? I'm still getting packed and ready for our big trip on Thursday, if you don't know what I'm talking about you can see the trip deets here>>>>>Shake Shack Dallas! Yes, it is also about burgers but I swear the trip details are in there too :P

I am such a big fan of Free People dresses, they are SO my style. I love the boho, flown vibe they have. Especially this one from Buckle.DSC_1126


How "springy" is this dress I mean seriously!? The wedges and necklace are also from Buckle, I'm a little obsessed ;) and they pair super well together. IMG_1843IMG_1818DSC_1242

It's the perfect outfit for running errands but still looking like you put WAY more effort into looking presentable than you really did. I mean I am a mess so this just looks like I have my stuff together when I really don't :P DSC_1157IMG_1796IMG_1660IMG_1641

It's also super comfortable, I wore it down to the Dallas Farmers Market and walked around for a few hours. I was 100% comfortable and the wedges didn't hurt my feet at all which was great, Buckle hasn't let me down in the shoe department yet! Also the outfit was perfect for Selfies ;)IMG_1801

Let me know what you think about this OOTD because I love hearing your opinions, also how do you feel about Free People dresses? I kind have a love affair going on with them right now. You can see more pics on my FB Page>>>Alex's FB and my Instagram Don't forget to follow me on all my social media to stay up to date and see all the upcoming travel pics and behind the scene action!