Pod Hotel Times Square

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Happy Sunday!! I hope you guys are having a great Sunday Funday so far. I have been spending mine catching up on work and emails after all my traveling last week and weekend. If you follow me on Instagram then you know I was in Toronto and NYC last week and even though I am hella exhausted it was SO worth it ;) Manhattan is ALWAYS worth it. Speaking of, I am so excited to show you guys the awesome hotel we stayed in while we were there.


Pod Hotels has officially become my all time favourite hotel. This was the first time I ever wanted to even spend time in my hotel while in Manhattan. It could also be that I was hella exhausted but I think it was definitely because of how freaking gorgeous everything was.


Lets hop right into the cute lobby because it is SO artsy and unique. I am obsessed! Also, how cute is this magnetic board!? So perfect for the Gram am I right?


Now lets talk about my aesthetic AF room. It deserves SO much love because it was insanely adorable and made this blogger's heart so happy because of all the white everywhere ;) And those pops of red are everything, red is my favourite colour in case you didn't know. 


The desk in the corner was so handy especially for working on my laptop because you know a bloggers work is never done! Between the chargers at the desk and the stinking cute charging station by the coat/bag hooks you could charge EVERYTHING which deserves recognition!


The bathroom was really cute and again the white aesthetic, can't go wrong! It was also VERY well lit so doing my makeup was a breeze. In fact the whole room was actually amazingly bright. 


I honestly and truly have nothing but praise and good things to say about Pod Hotels. Everything was gorgeous and everyone was so helpful and friendly. I would stay with them again in a heartbeat.  

If you want to find out more about Pod Hotels here are the links to their socials and website.





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I hope you all had an amazing weekend and have an even more amazing week! 



PermaVista Ranch Adventure

Hey There Babes!

Last week I was invited to stay at PermaVista ranch so I could review my stay and I am beyond excited to share it with you guys! Work was never so much fun ;) So lets get into it!

The Ranch from the distance 

The Ranch from the distance 

When I first arrived at the ranch I couldn't believe this little gem was hiding in the fields of Brenham, Texas. I spent countless summers a few towns over and had never heard of or seen the ranch before until I was there myself. 

Ruth and I starting the tour

Ruth and I starting the tour

The visit started with a tour of the house and grounds. Ruth showed me every inch of the house and answered all the questions I had happily.

One of eight bedrooms

One of eight bedrooms

Game Room

Game Room

Another gorgeous room

Another gorgeous room

I was so impressed with how well every room was designed and decorated. The details were perfect in every single one.


After the tour I had I headed up to my room to change before dinner, then I explored the grounds a little and made a new furry friend ;) Also that pool was calling my name y'all, it had an attached hot tub for those chilly nights too ;)


I had some fun and then it was time for dinner. The food at PermaVista was definitely one of the highlights. I have never had authentic, homemade Chicken Mole before so that was fun to try and it didn't disappoint! Obviously ice cream is always the right choice for dessert and was the perfect end to a delicious dinner. 


While digesting that amazing dinner it was time for some classic board game fun in the game room. There are a crazy amount of games to choose from like Scrabble, Taboo, Yatzee, you name it and its probably in there! 


After games I changed into these bomb PJs(from TJ Maxx) and I went to explore the house  a little more. I also grabbed a cup of hot chocolate to sip on my explorations and how stinking cute are these Permavista mugs y'all!?!?



The next morning I had a quick but scrumptious breakfast consisting of sausage, pancakes, scrambled eggs, Huevos Rancheros and fresh fruit, before heading down to the barn to get ready for my trail ride!


I am a HUGE horse lover and have been riding since I was 8 so this was definitely right up my alley. I convinced my mom who was with me to also hop on a horse for at least a quick ride through a pasture and she hasn't ridden since she was about 9 so that was going to be interesting to say the least! On my way to the barn I saw this cutie and could resist stopping to show him some love! Plus we were matching so how could I not? 


We finally got to the barn and met with the awesome horse trainer Shannon who got our horses, Bella and Ace, ready for my mom and I to take for an easy ride through the pasture before Shannon and I hit the trails. Mom did really well and didn't fall off or get thrown off so I'd say her first ride was a success :P


After a crazy fun trail ride I got changed for a quick workout in the tennis/basketball court to help burn off some of that amazing breakfast ;)

Life's a climb but the view is great ;)

Life's a climb but the view is great ;)

Before we left I had to take a climb up to the top of the "tower" which is this awesome building in the middle of the house. The view was breathtaking and most definitely worth the climb!


Finally my time at PermaVista had come to an end. I honestly have nothing but great things to say about the Ranch and all the wonderful people there. If you are ever looking for the perfect getaway in the fresh country air of Brenham, Texas, Permavista is just waiting for you.   

If you want to see more of my stay at PermaVista head over to my Youtube Channel and watch my Vlog, PermaVista Ranch Experience

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota!

First of all I think you guys need to know that there was a waterfall in the middle OF THE CITY!img_8584 This is the middle of Sioux Falls and now you can see why it is called Sioux "Falls". Sioux Falls was absolutely stunning, we stopped to see these rapids/falls after leaving Mt. Rushmore because my mom was dying to see them. They were created 14,000 years ago during the last Ice Age. Manny, Sid, and the gang totally drank from these guys ;) Im glad we did because it was absolutely beautiful. You can literally walk right up to the falls as close as you want to get.img_8580img_8590

I loved that there were no barriers. It was SUPER windy but otherwise the weather was perfect. These rapid/falls are right in the middle of a gorgeous park that you can walk around or have a picnic in. They also have some old ruins of the Queen Bee Mill which I loved because Im the history nut in this family!img_8623img_8624

Across from the ruins were some statues that I had to get pictures with because they were adorable. img_8635

And how could you not love this buffalo guys?img_8633

I touched the butt ;)img_8598img_8595


I definitely recommend stopping here in Sioux Falls if you ever have the chance or are close by because it is so stunning and very historical. Plus this area is just so relaxed and definitely is a good place to stretch your legs if you're on a road trip like we were.

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