Hotel Alessandra Houston

Happy Friday Babes!

I hope you all had a great week! I spent mine getting things ready for some events I am hosting and just hanging with my besties. I am so ready to share the final hotel from my stay in Houston with you guys! So lets just jump into it!


For the last part of my week in Houston I was hosted by the amazing Hotel Alessandra, and let me tell you guys it is literally one of my favourite hotels now!

AfterlightImage 5.JPG

First off lets start with my room because it was gorgeous! Everything in there was totally chic and modern. I loved the vibe SO much, it was one of the most aesthetic rooms ever. Another cool feature was the tablet that let you order room service and read about all the amenities that the hotel had to offer!

AfterlightImage 4.JPG
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Hotel Alessandra has an awesome gym that you have to check out if you stay with them. They have the newest, nicest equipment and I loved the refreshment area that they had stocked with cold water and towels. They even offered bottle Fiji water for you to take with you while you're actually working out which I loved! 


Of course they have an AMAZING pool because how could they not!? There are tons of spots where you can just lay out and work on your tan or there are even loungers in the shallow end that you can relax in if you don't feel like diving right in. 


If you are in Houston I HIGHLY recommend staying at Hotel Alessandra. The location of the hotel is absolutely stellar. You are right downtown H-Town and are also only blocks away from Minute Maid Park, the Toyota Centre, and the House of Blues. You couldn't ask for a better location!


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I hope you guys have a great weekend!



My Stay at Lillian Farms B&B

Happy Sunday Babes!


Today I am going to be talking about my stay at the gorgeous Lillian Farms B&B last weekend. I honestly can't wait to tell you guys everything so lets just get straight into it. 


Lets start with my freaking adorable room. It was called the Bluebonnet Room, which was definitely fitting because there was no shortage of bluebonnet decorations and details. Even the bathroom was filled with bluebonnets!


After getting unpacked I decided to go explore the B&B a bit. I was able to get a little peek into two of the other rooms near mine, The Long Horn Room and The Magnolia Room. I'm not going to lie The Long Horn Room definitely won me over because of the stunning clawfoot tub. The Magnolia Room was gorgeous don't get me wrong but that tub ;)


I decided to head downstairs after I finished checking out the other rooms upstairs(the house has 2 floors and I was upstairs). Every area of the house has so many amazing details and is just completely beautiful. 


From downstairs I headed outside to explore the 230+ acre property and get some fresh air. I absolutely loved the wraparound porch that they had. They put chairs all around so you could sit and enjoy the view. They also had a porch swing which was my favourite and can we just take a minute to appreciate how well I nailed that statues pose?


I left the house and made my way down the trail, stopping to smell the roses alone the way ;) I also had a little too much fun trying to balance on the cattle guard! Lillian Farms has a giant pond where you can actually do some fishing but unfortunately I didn't bring my pole so I just used it as a gorgeous photo opportunity. After the lake there are some adorable signs directing you around the property and I just thought they were the cutest thing.


It was starting to get late so I made my way back up to the house. I was able to get a little work done before heading off too soak in the hot bath that was calling my name.


My bathroom was honestly the prettiest bathroom I have ever seen, I'm serious. It had so many cute details and one of the best was the bathtub cushion! It made the bath 100 times more relaxing.


After my bath I did my whole pre-bed ritual nose mask and all! That adorable handheld mirror was in my bathroom courtesy of Lillian Farms and I couldn't not use it. I finished my primping and then watched a little bit Netflix(Stranger Things Season 2 is PERFECT in every way btw). Finally it was time for bed because I had more to see tomorrow.


The next morning while I was waiting for breakfast I decided to check out the mini library. I read my book outside on the little balcony while taking in the beautiful view. A really cool thing about Lillian Farms is they keep Bluebell stocked in a mini fridge upstairs at all times that you can help yourself to anytime and I may or may not have had a little bit before breakfast ;)


Okay all I can say about breakfast is it was SO FREAKING AMAZING! I mean as delicious as it looks it tasted a million times better if that's even possible because it looks incredible am I right!? The first course was homemade poundcake and fruit and the main dish was a delicious quiche and roasted potatoes. Lillian Farms uses a lot of the ingredients from their own garden which I love and everything was absolutely scrumptious.


After that giant breakfast I went off to explore the rest of the property that I hadn't seen yet. Like this gorgeous gazebo and fire pit! I wish I would've known about that the previous evening because it was so chilly and I totally could've used it. I also made a new furry friend while I was exploring ;)


While I was out I decided to go see one of the cottages that Lillian Farms offers. They have 8 different cottages where you can stay away from the house if you want more privacy. The one I saw was called the Secretariat which was perfect considering it was built onto the stables! 


Finally my stay had come to an end. I got a quick picture with the amazing Inn Keeper, Michelle and then was on my way.


Lillian Farms is definitely the perfect place to unwind and relax. Everyone there is incredibly friendly, welcoming, and helpful, I felt right at home. I had such an amazing experience with them and definitely recommend anyone who can stay them do, you won't regret it.

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I hope you all have a great Sunday,



Rethink the Pink Drink(Plexus)

Almost all of us have heard about Plexus by now, The "miracle" Pink Drink. I can actually tell you that I know at least 3 people using it and 2 people selling it. If you haven't here is a little overview of what it is and what it is supposedly supposed to help you with. The Plexus pink drink is a basically just a weightloss supplement that is supposed to help you lose weight magically. Plexus's website states that their products will "help people have better sleep, more energy, less pain, lose weight, have glowing skin, etc" the list goes on. People are calling it their "saviour" and "pink miracle" Unfortunately it seems like NO ONE has even bothered to research the product that they are putting into their bodies at all because if they had they most definitely wouldn't be using it. After days of researching it, because I never decide to trash a product without facts to back me up, here is what I discovered. Lets start with some of the ingredients in Plexus. First off they only have "Natural Flavours" listed and no other explanation, so this could literally be anything and any amount. Next we have Gardenia Cambogia also known as Citrin K. In scientific research it has been linked to many liver problems which makes sense because many people who have stopped Plexus use reported having a variety of liver problems. Green tea extract that is also in Plexus causes problems with iron absorption from food which can lead to iron deficiencies. Plexus also contains Chromium which causes your blood sugar to drop. In some cases it has caused users to drop so much that they have actually ended up having seizures.

Next we can get into all the side effects I came across during my research on the "miracle drink." Some mild ones included nausea, heartburn, lightheadedness, dizziness, feeling faint, constipation, diarrhea, and mild to severe headaches. These symptoms were the most common and even lasted weeks after the users stopped taking Plexus. Now I did come across quite a few more intense side effects and reactions to Plexus including, rapid heartbeat(people with any underlying heart condition should NOT take Plexus), fainting, seizures, liver damage, kidney damage(there are many reports of kidney damage linked DIRECTLY to Plexus use), iron deficiencies, high blood pressure, and probably one of the worst, entire shutdown of their digestive tracts. People also reported having stomach and digestive issues for up to FOUR months after stopping Plexus.

Another important piece of information I think many of you should have about Plexus is that weight gain is almost guaranteed after stopping the drink. So if you think the weight loss you have experienced during using the drink will last, think again. SO MANY people who have stopped say that they have gained back the weight after stopping it. Unless you already live a super active and healthy lifestyle, in which case you would not even need the so called "miracle" drink. Any healthy person who is really into clean eating and living would NEVER put this chemical cocktail into their precious bodies. Also the amount of caffeine in Plexus is just NOT healthy, especially if you are mixing it with other caffeinated drinks during the day.  Here is a great article about the dangers of too much caffeine from Marie Claire- Too Much Caffeine

After all my research I am even more against Plexus than I originally was. Guys there is just no such thing as a miracle drink to make you lose weight and get healthy. The only way to healthily achieve this is through hard work. Working out, eating clean, and patience, will get you where you want to be eventually. I know how frustrating it can be at times but trust me I have been there, I lost ((60)) pounds and got healthy all on my own without the "miracle drink" and you can too!

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